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Thought i was fine, but i am not



Aug 2, 2017
Hello i had a dark year after my mother died, i had a few months of feeling good i thought i was in the clear but i ended up self harming and now im back in a place i cant get out, i have not seen my friends in almost a year and i dont know what to do anymore, im too scared too seek help and im running out of options i want to do but im also too scared as what if nothing is there when i die? As i dont want to die as its the only way out but i want to do as ive had a shit life and have nothing going for me, literally, i dropped out of school years ago and just been doing drugs but i had my friends to keep me going but i doing have anyone any more and i have no idea what to do i cant keep going on.
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

Well-known member
Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Hi mapeon. Drugs is a dead end, as you know. The only way out is to do something different. If you need help with the drugs, you have to start with that first. Am I understanding your situation correctly ?? Being scared to ask for help shouldn't completely stop you. I let fear ruin my life. Don't let fear stop you.

My mother died September 24th this year. I'm sorry you lost your mother. Let it inspire you or cause you enough pain to make changes in you life.
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