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Thought Broadcasting/Trump/Targeted Individual/Pzombies/Psychics/Theories



New member
Nov 8, 2019
united states
Hey guys.
I've been thought broadcasting for about 3 years, give or take a couple months. I just want it to stop. It's very clear that my thoughts are being transmitted and/or that my mind is being read by anyone who just happens to be psychic. And psychics are real, so let's start from that base establishment. It's also clear that people in these threads are sandmen, putting people back to sleep. And maybe sleep is good, safe, but let's call a spade a spade. Me, myself, I'm trying to go to sleep but the thought broadcasting is impossible to ignore at this point. I need to go out in public to get my education and I'm exhausted sifting through the crowds of psychics or...

...philosophical zombies hellbent on feasting on the essence of people like me. It's like they insult me on something personal and I drop whatever they need for sustenance. But those are just my theories about what's really going on, psychics and p-zombies. I remember specifically hearing a ping on one of these gangstalker's phones when they had wounded me in their targeted harassment. It's like there's a second society for these people accessible far and away from the unaware Trumans of the world. Especially further from me, now that I've gone and expressed myself in looking for support.

When it comes to Trump, I feel like and know I've failed him on every mission I was supposed to accomplish. I'm not the chosen one, I guess. Anyone see the alex jones joe rogan podcast? Yeah, that. I'm being as vague as possible, it's a taboo to talk about, I guess. It's pretty obvious they got the wrong kid.

Anyways, what are your theories to this 'schizophrenic' phenomena? Anyone theorizing something similar?


Well-known member
Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
It must be hard for you having all these feelings. Thought broadcasting is not a thing for all the rest of us, it is described like a symptom by quite a few people with psychosis. Do you get any psychatric help? How did this start for you?