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this may sound weird but.. i feel bad when people are being nice or compliment me.


Big Boar

Active member
Feb 11, 2017
this may sound weird but.. i feel bad when people are being nice or compliment me.

okay, so im a novice manga artist and i want to become umm let's say a "Full Fledged" manga artist who is able to design and create things and people, so im currently working on how to draw and and how to design people and things then someone on facebook says that these are really great drawing that i could be a fashion illustrator and wants to be my friend, then i say im still a novice and i still need lots of training.
i find the drawing really blissful if its a 100% yours- you didn't copy it, that everything is your own creation and design. but i don't feel much joy if i copied it from something, like portrait or painting for example- you draw someone but it is something that is already exist
and i find it even more disheartening when the image like painting or portrait can be made by our technology very easily. but manga is different, everything on paper is 100% my creation and it cannot be created by any machines, so to create something unique gives me bliss, that's why i prefer manga over portraits/painting. and to create something unique not only gives me bliss- i also feel... how should i put it.. it feels that "i exist." that i no longer a nobody like many years ago, and as an adult i starting to realize how horrifying being a nobody in this world. so i think i found one of ways to fight my depression and that is a manga.
now someone is being nice to me and compliment me greatly, he seems to be a very nice person, its not bad of course.
but.... i feel so inferior, like i feel self condemnation, its really not a good feeling. now all that interest on practice is gone i stop for today and lie to my bed doing nothing... feeling very bad, i wonder what should i do to overcome this? thank you:cry2:
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

Well-known member
Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
If someone compliments you and you end up in bed depressed, this is because you need to either not care about compliments or embrace compliments. Feeling inferior and having self loathing because someone complimented you can be combated by having more compassion on your own self. You must have great compassion for yourself.


I understand this completely. i can copy and image and go into great detail. I actually love doing this...it feels great getting in as much detail as possible. But I do feel that it is inferior to people who do their own designs and images from fantasy etc. I just don't have that kind of thinking just yet...maybe I never will.
This is something I've been thinking about a lot recently after someone had commented 'why would you want to create a picture that can be captured with a photograph' and I think that that can actually be the point. In these days of technology etc we forget about the natural things and being able to create from scratch, sometimes getting an image that's accurate with just a pencil...there's something lovely about that.
I also have a lot of difficulty in accepting praise and compliments. I do believe it is a lack of self worth self-esteem etc. But it is something I am working on.
Hope you manage to overcome your problems.
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