This life with BPD



I am really trying to change my life..for the better. I know I am capable, but this BPD kicks me down. I am unemployed, but I plan on finding work. I have health problems, but I am doing everything I can to get better. I even started going back to church. I am trying to "fix" every area of my life. But I have so much pressure on me from not only myself, but others. I not only suffer from BPD, but I also suffer from depression and anxiety. Those are my mental issues. My physical illness is endometriosis. That one's a bitch. But BPD has been with me all my life..since I was a little girl. I am still dealing with it & want to know that there is hope for me.


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Jun 10, 2015
Hi honey first of all I feel the same and I am experiencing the same things you are on the trying to better yourself front. There is hope for you hun, I know it might seem bleak at the moment, I have also suffered from bpd for a long long time. It is hell but some days aren't as bad as others. If need to talk I am here. X

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