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This life thing



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Feb 20, 2021
I have no purpose in life. My son just moved out of home, doesn't need/want me, I have no job because I can't work, I'm in a living situation where I can't go anywhere alone because of my health, I have someone with me 24 7 to make sure I can't leave, all for my own good but it sucks. Live seems pointless. I'm fat, I'm ugly, repulsive even. I can't even wear necklaces because there too nice for me. I have self harm tendencies and that's why I kinda signed up right now, I feel like I wanna soo bad but there's that tiny part that whispers this too shall pass. It's acter4am I can't sleep everyone's asleep even people that I'd call accaintcies o line are asleep. There's someone here looking after me and the house while my friend and her husband are away taking a break from me and just for themselves but the replacement person I don't feel able to wake her up yo tell her my life's going to he'll in a handbrake. I'm not brave, I don't find it easy to talk face to face the mental health team are a joke and honestly I'm sbit scared. Maybe everything will be better tomorrow. Maybe. Sorry 😞


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Jul 31, 2020
Sorry to hear you're feeling so low. Welcome to the forum.


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Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
You don’t have to apologize about how you are feeling. Supporting others through life’s challenges is what we are here for. I’m sorry that you are in such low place. It sounds like your living situation is stable and that you have a lot of support which are two good things. You have a friend too, which is great. Your son must also be a bright light for you. It seems that there are a number of things that have positive value in your life. It might not be exactly what you had hoped for or what you wanted but it’s a good place to start. Are there things you could do to bring your life greater meaning? It sounds like you have friends online which is another great thing. What about hobbies you could do in your house that connect you to the outer world some. Like joining a knitting group where you knit mittens for the homeless or something like that. New occupations that would bring your life some purpose. Even if it’s just chatting with people on this website here.
I hope you were able to make it through the night without self harming. I know the urge can be so difficult to overcome. When you have those feelings maybe think about all you have to be happy about and thr people and things who would want you to keep yourself safe for them. You have a great opportunity in the stable situation you have now to decide what you want to do to move your life forward in small ways. What do you think you can do? What would you like to do? xo, j


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Aug 14, 2018
There will be better days for you. You were created to be brave and happy. Create happy moments because happiness is a choice.

Do what makes you happy. Is it doing arts and crafts, baking, cooking? Do it.

Life will be beautiful for you.
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