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This is Urgent, Please help



New member
Jan 24, 2009
Hi all,

My name is Warren, I am writing for advise.

My brother in law has been having anxiety problems, this first materialized a few months ago, when during a family holiday, he became so consumed by anxiety and panic that he had to return mid holiday.

he visited the doctor and the prognosis was that he had suffered a panic attack. after a week he returned to his normal self.

However, he has recently moved home and lost his job within the same few days, he had wanted both to occur so it's not directly linked but the changes in his life have bought on the anxiety.

I visited the doctor with him last Monday and the doctor has diagnosed an adrenaline issue, the gland that produces adrenaline is constantly doing so for no reason.

as most will know the effects of adrenaline are horrid and he has it pumping 24 hours a day, he has been given citolapram to help but he needs to learn to control it himself by allowing it to occur instead of fighting it, then let in wane away naturally but he is really struggling to do so, the condition has bought on depression and prevented him from sleeping or eating and he is getting very bad, very scared and worried we will put him in an institution.

As far as i am concerned he has a problem with his body, not his mind, despite the fact that this is where it is showing the effects. i have promised him i wont do anything he doesn't want, such as call doctors or get him sedatives, and if i try to suggest it the adrenaline rushes send him into fits.

I'm really at a loss, i cant explain how much this is hurting him. and I'm just trying to keep him calm and help him overcome the adrenaline rushes. we have developed several techniques that are helping and i think his main problem now is fatigue, but as i say he can't sleep or even rest due to adrenaline rushes, and when he wakes up the feeling are stronger than ever.

he is talking of voices in his head and just wanting peace now, we are all scared he may harm himself, yet he is not showing typical signs of a breakdown and when we talk he knows its the condition, that although it feel very real, it is not, and that he will get better. he understands everything, but its wearing him down.

i suppose what I'm asking is does anyone have experience of this, and what advice they can give, but ultimately, am i doing the right thing or should he get further help. i point out that the doctors did tell him he has to do it himself.

i have persuaded him to try herbal sleeping remedies, we have yet to see if they help.

many thank in advance guys, please respond in volume, i need all the advice and help i can get to help me decide the best way to help him.

one thing i have considered is marijuana as a sedative, what are your feeling on this? please dot be swayed by personal feeling on the use of drugs, I'm asking from a medical sense, even the doctor advised it may help.

thanks again


I can feel your anguish.
there are a few posts on here about helpers not knowing what to do for the best, it is hard to see someone close going through these things.


this site may give you some guidance as it is aimed at carers as well as suffers.

If you think his condition is way beyond the scope of your doctors knowledge, which I would beleive by what you have told us, then it is improtant to get further help, something has triggered this and needs to be investigated further. it does not mean that he will automatically go into hospital, it depends whether it is really necessary for him to convalese.

whilst weed can have a calming affect, it also can make someone very paranoid, something he will not want to experience ontop of what he already has, and he is likely to become psychologically dependent on it.
personally in your circumstances I would avoid it.

hope this has been a little help

well done you also for being such a supportive person, you are doing so well and you must also look after your own mental health as support like this can be very emotionally drainging.

take care



Firstly do not use marijuana as a sedative. It is well known that it can exacerbate problems that are there or underlying.

Overproduction of adrenaline can actually have a physical cause and that needs to be investigated.

The effects that your brother in law is experiencing may not have their origins in his mental health but they are effecting it and so it would be wise to seek help in dealing with this. He doesn't have to go to a doctor - you can look up techniques to cope on the web or there is a thread here about coping with panic attacks but precisely where I can't quite remember.


New member
Jan 24, 2009
thank you

Hi guys, just wanted to respond and thank you so much for your advice and your kind words.

He has had another tough day but slept better last night thanks to the help of herbal nytol. i totally agreed with the thoughts on the use of cannibus, especially as he doesn't even smoke, i suppose we all hit those times where we would try anything to make someone better or even just ease thier pain for a short time. you advice has a big effect on my decision not to try it. and i agree that if he does begin to get worse again that futher help is needed.

i think the doctor may have assumed these attacks of "Fear" are occuring several times a day, where as it is actually constant. if he had realised this i'm sure the doctor would have given him some form of sedative.

that said, i'm certain he is learning to cope with that side, and that the problem is more to do with mental and physical exhaustion now, which the nytol seem to have helped with.

Anyway, i shall go now, but thank you all again for your help and consideration.

I have never had cause to visit a site such as this before but as a past sufferer of depression and nervous exhaustion, my wife and i will be visting more often to see if we can help others here as you guys have inspired us to do.

Take care, and be happy :)


Well-known member
Mar 11, 2009
Hi warren,

I feel for you and your family. I am suffering with depression and panic/anxiety attacks and know it puts a strain on my family. It sounds like he is very lucy to have you.

I understand about the use of illegal drugs, but I would also strongly disagree. It will probably help to calm him down and "chilll" him out, but could also turn the other way. I had a close friend who used this regularly and has suffered badly with Bipolar.
I would suggest you try and see a different doctor and keep chasing up.
One thing I have found is that help for people suffering with any Mental health problems seem not to be prioriy - but do keep trying.
Has he been given any medication??

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