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This is my last resort to try and help myself with these voices ?



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Nov 5, 2008
Please don't count me as another case, i REALLY need someone's help. This is basically my last resort, i cant confinde in doctors or counsellors .. they lie to me and break my trust .. they do the things the promised me they wouldn't. But Anyway, im hearing all these voices, i have done for about 3 years now, theyre getting worse and worse. I used to be able to deal with them by cutting and hurting myself, it used to make them go away; as if to scare them. But after it getting really serious, and my harming ending me up in hospital for 'unkown reasons', someone at school found out and i got put under child protection with counselling etc. But i was happy about that, cuse the voices went, but now they're back, but they seem louder and stronger and angrier. I feel like they're actually taking over me, they're telling me to kill all these different people, how to do it .. what to use .. the time i should do it. I see it in my head and it feels and seems so real, someone i wake up form it to find knives and lighters in my hand. I cant think of a day that goes by without dreaming of someone dying. And the only way to make them stop, is to hurt myself. But i cant ... i cant go down that road again i just want them to STOP. Please someone help me i literally am begging here. :cry:


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Apr 19, 2008
Waltham Abbey
Ok. the first thing is dont panic, panic will only give "strength" to "them".
Although you say you cant confide in doctors, have you been to your GP and asked to be referred to a mental heath doctor/supports? If not, DO so. You may need medication which WILL help in the long run. But you need to treat the underlying problem that may be at hand here.

Understanding why is only one step in recovery (if recovery is even attainable!)
There is NO easy way out, NO fast fix, its a long hard slog to come to terms with why this is happening to you. But if you can find the reason why, then the voices lose there power over you.

To be frank I havent found relief from voices, only growing to come to live with them. Mine tell me to do the most horrible things to others, & myself. But I dont give them power over me.

Try things like distraction, listen to music, go for a walk (I even go for walks at 3-4 in the morning to distract from them).

Please post here if you find it helps to talk about it. If need more help try the "getting help" thread on here.