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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
Thank you all for coming.

Ladies and gentlemen; please be seated.

I hope you all enjoy the music and the ambiance.

Welcome back. Glad you all are here with your friends and loved ones. Together we are a great family.

I wore my best today and I see you all look marvelous. Thank you so much for all making it here just in time.

I have a confession. And this should read; thoughts of a Lamborghini owner.... Best. But. I am trying to overcome and face my own invisible wall.

No longer to stare at it. Or be stopped by it. Not to be limited in any way. But solely to penetrate it once and for all..

Recently. God has officially granted me one of the biggest blessings in my entire life. After so many years of pain.. Hard work and sacrifice...

Everything. Sleepless nights... Studying hard body 24-7... Working days in... Days out.. Praying... Helping my family... Helping my churches... My community...

I have been blessed.

A major major prayer answered...

The joy it created in my universe. Words can not fully describe.

I have zero reasons to ever doubt God. I am living proof that he or she or it... Is real... Just to be respectful of the force...

Today. Something peculiar happened. If you follow my posts, you know that I chase my sub mind; from time to time. Just to make sure that we work as a team and not as competitors.

The ultimate goal is happiness.

But in the pursuit of happiness... We can self limit ourselves.

At times we are pre programmed for failure. But by playing defence on our selves.


I go for a cruise in the machine with my son. My wife. We are celebrating. Its a holy day for me.

We grab some food. All is well.

I see a group of people and they pass judgement.... They see a highend supercar and assume things... Maybe it was my glasses. My watch..my music or the fact that it was Red Lobster... I don't know?

But. I felt agitated. Quickly upset. But momentarily. Like 2 seconds... But I caught myself...

It was satan all along...

Disguised... And with the devil and lucifer...

Trying to rain on my parade...

I prayed. I felt better.

A few weeks later. During prayers and meditation... I thought about that entire moment...

I decided to share it with you all as I make my own observations...

I am so blessed. Why would I let anyone make me feel bad? I love myself. I am a great person.

Plus. I am blessed a trillion times over.

I thought about the sub mind. Am I allowing penetration of my holy armor to limit myself?

I realized. I have to pray harder. This restaurant is near my home and my businesses. Chances are that anytime in the future. Things like this may happen again.

I have to remain strong.

Continue to pray. I know exactly who I am.

I know what I bring to the table.

And most importantly. I am more than a car...

I have gone through years of fearing my car collection. Where I avoided driving them for years.

I am slowly starting to drive the cars I've kept in storage.

I only have a few as I sold 97% of my collection. This is one of my few hobbies. I love my cars. I do feel uncomfortable at times.

Its not only with fancy cars... Other collectibles as well.

Mentally. I have survived hell and back. I have been institutionalized several times. I pulled through and have been rebuilding my life ever since.

I hit rock bottom many many times.

I gave my life to God and everything has changed.

I finished college. Graduate school. Got multiple PHD's. All self educated doctorate degrees.


I am still growing as a person. Each day. I study more and more to better myself.

This is Lamborghini number three for me. Its actually one year to two years out for number 4.

People will not see me saving for two years. They will see the car the day I have it detailed by my children... At my house... Using dish washing liquid... From the dollar store...

The day I can afford two full tanks of gas; to spare. One to drive and cruise to the beach. One tank to cruise back home.

None have ever been new. Or bespoke special order. All have been old. Base models. Non bright colors.

Entry level cars with a million problems... Because I bought them on their last legs...

But. Its all I can afford. And they still mean the same emotionally... Now.. As when I was a kid..

Honestly I love regular cars more. But at times we all have our unicorns...

Part of success in life for me. Has come with overcoming mental challenges. Even depression.

My own family has been hurtful. Judgemental. Negative etc. Some outright offensive, abusive and mean.

When I visit my relatives. I go out of my way to seem struggling. Or they are irritated.

I am not wealthy by any means.

I work hard would be my consensus. I am smart. Frugal. I invest. Etc. I don't have bad vices. I don't run with negative crowds or influences etc.

I am a family guy. Man of faith. Professional. Business owner.

I love football as much as Warren Buffet.

But. From time to time. I am faced with a mental challenge to grow.

I wanted to share this with you all and thank you for all of your love and support here on this forum. This is my peaceful sanctuary of healing.

This is the best therapy for me. This is my council.

I still feel anger but I know that the best thing is to always pray. If you internalize it. Mental depression wins. Negativity wins.

I have to pray.

My advice for you is to pray.

I will pray for you. Please pray for me.

I sit here in prayers that this may help you and motivate you.

When I was in college. I was already collecting cars. ... A close neighbor had an older Ferrari..

I would see him driving past my neighborhood from time to time.

One day. He waved. ....wow.... I never have forgotten that day. And how happy he was.

To be driving and enjoying himself... But also to share it with someone....

Eye of the tiger...

Our eyes locked.

One day soon. When you are driving your dream car... You may get the same treatment...

The Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini driver, is almost always by themselves...

But just know there are people like us who fully understand....keep powering through forward.

The road to success is not for the faint of heart.

That moment intended to hurt me is the opposite. It fuels my burning desire to continue to grow.

I pray that one day those people figure it out.

They build Ferraris every day..there are millions of them out there.

One day. With hard work... You can have one.... Or twelve...

Its all up to you.

Money is not the limitation. Its our understanding of success.

Our limitations in our own imagination.

Its your imagination that requires that you have perfect and sound, mental health.

I fight depression at least once every 4 months.

My goal is to improve that to once a year. Then. One day. None.

God bless you all.

Enjoy the party.

I have a flight to catch.

Please eat as much as you like and please take some home to your neighbors.

Until next time.

Lets continue to pray together.

We are here for each other.

We are not alone.

Mental illness is curable.

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