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Thinking. Always thinking about this, not just tonight.



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Mar 1, 2021
I'm a little buzzed I think. I don't know. I am well into my second bottle. But I am feeling okay. Yes, I agree. Two bottles are too much. But what about 2 drinks a day? Is that too much, my therapist who is not with me now due to insurance problems suggested such. However, two glasses relaxes me enough to function. I am feeling pretty good with two bottles.
Okay not a good idea except for tonight. I had a day.

Here is my point. My nanny is in her 70's . Pretty much an "alcoholic" by alcoholic standards but she is surviving.

My mom took medications. I felt like swallowing poison when with her. They don't work it seems. I know they work for some people but not all. They got rid of my guarde to self perseverance. My cousin on meds killed herself. My cousin on marijuana still visits me and thank god she is here.
She warned me of meds long before we lost our sweet cousin. I miss her.

This is random. I am sorry. I am just confused.