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Thinking about splitting from my boyfriend.



Feb 6, 2018
We’ve been together about 4 months and we’ve broken up several times already. Yesterday I think I figured out why. I suspect he has Antisocial Personality Disorder and possibly a Psychopath, (his own mother has called him a Sociopath in front of me) but not sure about that because he got extremely jealous when I was with another guy. I also just learned he has been gaslighting me.

Our sex life sucks because he has a strong affection for his sisters, which I finally figured out which is why he can’t get it up with me. He gaslighted me on this story more than once. In all fairness, I have my own paraphilias I deal with.

I expect the breakup to be difficult. It always is. He is a parasite, so he does everything he can when trying to win me back. And I love him so it’s usually very hard to stay away. I’m hoping now with this new information I can be stronger. Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom?


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2016
I think if his own mother told you he is a psychopath it says it all.
You deserve better than that.
My grandad was abusive to my nan and when my nan met his mother she told him don't marry ....
He's the worst of all of them ( she had 9 boys)
But my nan didn't listen and she was MISERABLE being married to him.
As regards to him trying to,win you back delete his number and refuse to see him.
If he doesn't reapect that call the police and explain that a psychopath is stalking you.
Sending a :hug1: