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Think i am in a dysphoric/mixed episode right now, but...



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Jan 8, 2020
Hey folks!

Just looking for some support and thoughts. I think this is day 3 of this feeling. I've got a fire burning inside and having sleep struggles, but I'm also feeling bummed and the most noticeable thing is the thoughts of self harm (intrusive thoughts, I guess?). I'm not acting on these thoughts, but they are so strong sometimes, I just curl up in a ball or sometimes I'll cry if I can.
The fear of injuring myself is very strong, so I'm probably not in too much danger, but I still feel sick, ya know? I mean, like ...well, I just need a mental health day type thing.
Other thing though, I'm cycling (you know, lady stuff) and I know this can be a trigger for episodes and I nearly always get moody during these times, but i don't always have the intrusive self harm thoughts. I'm not really sure what I'm asking anymore... I just need to vent and get some love right now, I suppose. <3 :'(


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Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Back when I was still “cycling” I used to become EXTREMELY suicidal about a week before I started my period. I would also become severely, SEVERELY depressed.
I was able to get through it because I knew it was just my cycle and that it would last about a week then I would be over it. This was always the case. Once I started my period a feeling of wellness and near bliss would wash over me and I would feel better. This was a form of PMDD i was experiencing, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder . What helped to alleviate the symptoms were antidepressants, plenty of access to sunlight, exercise, no caffeine and drinking plenty of MILK. Believe it or not drinking milk helped to regulate my emotions the most during those times. Maybe try drinking some warm milk?
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