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things that make life worth living???


memyself and b

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Apr 12, 2010
im normally full of doom and gloom so while im not so bad i thought i would reach inside to find the good things about my life;;
1 my gorgeous,sexy husband who is my rock
2 my rather stunningly beautiful 15yr old daughter
3 my pretty 7yr old sleeping beauty
4 my cute 3yr old goldilocks
5 my gorgeous 6mth old baby boy
6 my other baby, the landy
7 when im not poorly i dont think im that bad looking??
8 the fact that at the end of june we are going back to farming
9 were not rich but we are doing ok
10 and my very good friends h and s( cos i dont make friends very easily, they usually run a mile if i tell them my illness so when you get a real friend they last 4 ever, so i only have a few

so there it is a few things that keep me here, and i am here, now you lot have a happy thought and search deep inside and i bet you can find something that keeps you alive in this misery of mental illness and if you cant find any then keep searching cos it will come and if by the time you are 90 and still havnt found one then come find me and my family and we will give you one!!:):clap::grouphug:


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
great thread!!!!!

1. my gorgeous gorgeous husband. v sexy
2. my funny and talented son who is my buddy
3. my bossy but cute daughter who is def ready to start school
4. my pets who i love dearly and cheer me up all the time
5. my physical health - not bad.
6. help for my mental health probs
7. my new job and the lovely people i care for
8. my family who would do anything for me
9. obviously my good looks (not)
10. im happy today



all excellent reasons, glad you have wonderful people in your life, to help against the darkness that sometimes takes us.



I wrote a list like this when I was in hospital with no prompting from anyone. I had to have reasons to get better and reminders of things that made life worth living.

It is so good to see others doing this. A great thread. :)


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Jul 28, 2009
what a lovely post
welldone for being positive xx its so important i belive



I don't have bipolar but I think this thread is very good, and useful for everyone :)

1. My brothers, my boyfriend and also my friends who are incredibly understanding and will welcome back my company anytime.

2. The peace and enjoyment I get from creativity, my hands that let me do all these things!

3. Fairly good physical health, my arms, my legs, life itself (and the ability to listen to that Nina Simone song at any point ;))

4. Enough money to able to eat, and live somewhere quite quiet and safe

5. I can sew my own clothes from a huge bag of fabric I have had given to me by my boyfriend's grandmother when I don't have the money for decent new ones.

6. Access to the library (once I've found and taken back my overdue book :redface:)

7. An ability to be more mentally healthy again

8. So much to learn and discover.

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