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Hi there, these are some suggestions that I found might be of help to others. Theses ideas may be of some help to others, but it's important to seek a medical professional as soon as possible:

Focussing Techniques
Being able to concentrate while you are hearing voices.

Identify your voices, number, gender, age etc
Identifying my voices helped me know who I was talking to and avoid any confusion that normally arises when voices are talking all at once. When voices talk all at once it increases my stress levels and that tends to increase the intensity of the voices. Knowing which voice is speaking to me, I can target specific voices and focus on what they are saying and respond to them. This has the affect of causing the voices to take turns instead of talk all at once. This was a progressive change not an instant change.

Reason with your voices
Once I identified my voices I was able to hear certain points they were trying to make. I could then reason with the voices on the subject. If the reasoning was sound the voices adjusted their position and would try something else. If the reasoning was weak the voices would not let up. Of course this is a tiring technique, but it has lead to some humourous outcomes and thus a measure of relief.

Listen for positive voices
Now it’s important to note, that there is a difference between listening and obeying. Listening to voices cannot be controlled, you hear them whether you want to or not. But obeying what they told me to do is what lead to my hospitalization. While listening to the different voices I was able to pick out ones that were not malicious. These often had valid points of which I came to accept. Acceptance then, lead to relief.

Translate negative voices
Negative voices say some cruel things. I have chosen to translate what the negative voices say into positive statements. For example, If they would say “You need to die” I would actively translate that into “I need to live”. Many positive statements can come from this process. It’s a good idea to write what they actually say and in a different colour write down the “translated” phrase.

Musical Voices
There is something unique about my voices. They like to sing! Yes, I will be in the car driving home and hear them singing away in the background. I believe this a coping mechanism in order to help me endure this situation. I can initiate the singing, but it’s pleasurable to hear them breakout in song without my consciously initiating it.

Schedule time for the voices
It’s important that I give time to my voices otherwise they will become frustrated and break from the established pattern. So evening and early mornings are the times I give time to listen to the voices. Though they talk throughout the day, they are neither intense nor disruptive. I would be at my computer typing something up and hear “Why do you think that is?” as if someone was looking over my shoulder reading what I was typing.

Write down what the voices say
About a year after I began hearing voices, I had a strong desire to write down my experience that lead to my hospitalization. The memories were still very fresh and I was mulling over the experience daily. During the process I began purging a lot of feelings and it lead to a great feeling of relief. So I recommend to all voice hearers to keep a record of what the voices say.
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Jun 1, 2012
Thanks for that te.reo.orooro, I found it useful to think about and I think it could be very useful to other people too.

I thought I'd contribute some of my own approaches to my own voices too, I think sharing information like this between peers is very helpful for all of us:

Just attempting to ignore them, usually while surfing the internet and/or watching or listening to something to drown them out a little. It's a little bit like listening through background noise to someone who is speaking to you.

Attempting to interact:
I've tried talking back to them in various ways and tones, and gauging how they react. I think one approach which is under utilised is talking to distressing voices in a nice and understanding tone, approaching them in a thankful manner. Always worth trying.

I also find interacting with my environment can effect them.

Attempting to put in perspective:
Reminding myself that just because a voice says to do something it doesn't mean I will or that I have to do it. I can choose not to just as when anyone tells me to do something. Or that if they say something will happen that's not necessarily true.

Reminding myself this doesn't mean I'm crazy it just means I've been in emotional distress in a way many others haven't, but at the same time in a way many others have.

Reminding myself the voice is not always literal in nature.

Reasoning out the probability of the voice being from my mind rather than the outer environment when things are confusing. Reasoning out the probability of what's being said actually happening. Deciding what actions to take based on this probability.

Working out what they represent:
Not just who they are (be it persons known or unknown to me) and what they are saying, but the level beyond that, why would my mind create them in this way, what's the meaning behind why my mind is creating this voice in this way - what are they really trying to tell me? What is the basic emotion behind them grief, fear, sadness etc so I can accept that (and react to/deal with that) and not have to worry so much

For example voices saying they are going to do something to me I can acknowledge as a result of me subconsciously feeling vulnerable and unsafe, which can then take the sting out of them, and getting to a safer feeling environment (even part of the house for example) can further take the sting out. Or I can recognise it as the residue of past trauma that needs dealing with, and that they are the minds way of trying to help me process this, or an attempt to protect me.

I view them very much as a window through to my subconscious and many as remnants from the past traumas of a fragmented mind.

Just lying down, accepting it's happening and trying to root myself in my body and waiting for the worst of it to pass. I spoke about this process a lot in this thread.

Survival mode.
That's the digging in and getting through it however that happens. It's just permission to myself to say anything that isn't life threatening to myself, or physical harm to another, is okay here. Anything in this zone that seems weird to other people I don't consider my problem.


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Feb 8, 2014
sorry guys, maybe i'm going to add my 2 cents.
yes, listening to music does help a lot. but sadly the sound of people talking bad about me on public transport is so loud. like saying that i should die or that they want to kill me or chuck me into a rubbish dump.
but its better than no music.
when there is no music, it does really make u feel like punching the person.
but i tell myself that i cannot give them the satisfaction of doing what they think i should do.

when the radio is turned on, and its in an incomprehensible language, sometimes, i feel like it comes from my stomach. i'm like, "how can it come from my stomach?"
it makes me feel better. like i'm in control, and i'm retaining my logical faculty.

sometimes, i would think that my mum or dad is calling me, but they are not.
sorry, my voices thing is less severe.
so i guess it seems different and what i said may not be helpful.


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Mar 9, 2014
Bristol, UK.
Recovering together

This is my favourite thread so far by a long way, it's the best and only advice to give. Stay true to it! You will be blessed.
It's true that voices have their own intuition as well if only we would spend a little quality time with a few of them we'd see it ourselves. They are able to recover themselves after the crisis, and need our help to do so.
We now have over eight hundred languages to communicate in, some sound Nordic, some Latin some Celtic, other are just very very funny to hear, (my favourites), other might for example make it impossible to lie or hide malice, but we're learning to communicate in languages which are moreconsiceand also a lot quicker. English is now only reserved for humour and jokes In our world, or it is not allowed. We all just find it too clumsy.


Jun 22, 2014
I had the worst panic attack ever and the voices in my head started in a way like they never have before. I could literally hear their voices echoing around in my head like an auditorium or gymnasium. I wa a panicking so much and the voices were so weird and bad, and I felt like I was in a different reality or something. It was absolutely horrible. I also have the voices that sing songs over and over in my head until they drive me crazy....err....crazier? Ugh, It's sad but I understand what y'all are going through I haven't mastered Co trolling them at all yet. I will have to try some of the above techniques for sure! Thanks for taking the time to give your ideas!

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Jan 5, 2011
Attempting to interact:
I've tried talking back to them in various ways and tones, and gauging how they react. I think one approach which is under utilised is talking to distressing voices in a nice and understanding tone, approaching them in a thankful manner. Always worth trying.
I have started to do this and at first they fought back and got angry with me. But I decided that I was not going to let the emotions take control of me and to use the "adult" in my mind to talk. The more angry and childish, in some ways, they got the more I parented them and set parameters, but listened to them.

I agree Te, setting times to listen to them and keeping that promise, did help me a lot. They pop in from time to time, but they have largely stopped for now (famous last words, they will pop in again now I've said that!). But being a "parent" to an angry "child" worked for me. But I know that there is no one size fits all with this.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

Per Ardua Ad Astra

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Apr 15, 2014
North of England, UK
All of the points and techniques made are useful and helpful.

My technique I call 'compartmentalization'. I accept they are there, and filter them, as you would any other sound or noise that has nuisance value.

The problem is that in the early stages of voice-hearing, the voices are there and a real - and yet they are not. So it's a sensory stimulus that seems to be real, and yet doesn't have a basis in recognizable reality.

Cos of this, it's hard to filter - or compartmentalize the voices. And not just voices, but music too. I hear Indian classical music sometimes.

But over time, you learn to fit them into your reality, and there is acceptance.

Regarding medication, I think it depends on the meds. But on the whole, I haven't found them to be all that helpful. But if people do, that's fine.

Mostly it's a question of time and adjustment. It can take many years to get used to handling them :)


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Nov 5, 2015
I hear voices and think it's bc my subconscious won't get over things and that's what my brain really wants and needs.


Hi deling, I'm going through some cognitive therapy at the moment that seeks to look into the subconscious values that may be driving the voices I hear. I believe it is helping me but may take a while.


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Jul 8, 2013
Interview with a schizophrenic - Apple/ Spotify
I think it is a spiritual experience. Maybe I will go for a past life/ life between life regression and find out more about my past and life purpose. I have no option but to forgive my voices and it seems this life is one I chose beforehand.


Nov 15, 2015
Music really helped me get through my troubled times.. it said that when depressed you seem to listen to the lyrics a lot more ... finding the right song to relate 2


Isolation has lessened the voices.

Staying away from certain people
who cause me to hear more voices.

If I spend time with sisters boyfreind
it shuts the voices up.

A family freind who does plumbing
can excelerate them no ends.


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May 8, 2016
I think everyone for all the useful information! It is very helpful. My voices have become overwhelmingly positive most of the time. After years of fighting them anyhow, but I wish I would have read that first post about Things that have helped me with my voices a long time ago. It might have kept me out of the hospital.
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