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Things anxiety "makes" you do



Well-known member
Dec 26, 2020
United Kingdom
Well done to those who have quit. Every time I think about it I smoke more and if anxiety is bad or I worry. Well done x


Active member
Dec 7, 2019
United Kingdom
I don't do a lot of things because of fearing anxiety. Phobophobia I think it's called? I don't go outside. I don't exercise. I don't strain myself at all. I'm living like Jabba the Hutt because I'm scared that my next action will give me yet another panic attack.

Ironic huh? Forever in behavioural stasis out of fear, when the only way to overcome said fear is to take action.


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2021
Southern USA
I'm on nicotine patches, to help ease my transition. I've tried cutting down gradually, cold turkey and nicotine gum, but this is the only thing that has seemed to work so far. I haven't smoked in almost 4 weeks and hopefully, I can finish the step down programme by May.
I used a vape to quit smoking after a lifetime. Good for you.


Well-known member
Jan 13, 2020
I avoided people and situations because of anxiety. Then felt bad because I must have hurt people. They probably wondered what they did wrong. Now, I do my best to face people and situations. I still feel nervous though but it's better than avoidance.


Well-known member
Jul 31, 2020
Avoidance can have real costs for sure. It would be good to figure out what is causing this anxiety. I think it's a safety issue. Something inside us is telling us we are not safe so the anxiety is a warning of danger. The rational part of the brain says there is no danger, but that doesn't matter. The subconscious or emotional part is much bigger and stronger, and that's what sees a threat. So then anxiety happens as long as the threat is there. Learning there is no threat (or one that is small) takes a lot more than just saying, "What? there's nothing to be afraid of." That idea is almost useless. It takes a deeper emotional understanding to bring a sense of security in who you are.
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