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There is a spiritual side to this.



Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
The devil is real.

No matter what your religious beliefs are. Or are not. I am living proof.

When you have unwaivering faith as I do. In all things. You have conviction. Anything negative is my sworn enemy.

The older I grow, the more wiser. I see now all of the times that God has guided me. Looking back at moments; each and every day.

I see the evil that has tried to stop my path. I have always defeated my adversaries. Easily with only my faith.

Today was one of those days.

Thank you all for joining me here.

You are just on time.

I had a perfect day today in my company. I launched several new businesses and my entire family helped. It was a little challenging for the grand opening but, we closed deals non stop all day.

There were moments when my family took over and we finished the day strong. We celebrated all day. All was well.

At the end of the day. I had already planned the following weeks ahead. And I had to have a serious meeting. Where I had to address the company's president.

It was tough love. But love. Hard love.

It left me torn between the ying and the yang. The ultimate balance of life.

On one hand. I am celebrating a new begining and a new adventure. On the other hand. I had a tough love, heart to heart with my family and my kids.

Some of my relatives are sick. Covid 19 has claimed lives in my family. One of my relatives is in the process of life saving surgery. People are suffering world wide.

My business is growing, scaling and expanding. I have great hope after all of this clears. Yet I face challenges daily.

Success changes daily. Its pursuit of happiness every day. But its never the same. Becoming financially independent and stable has been easy. Dealing with my loved ones and even building mental stability has been the hardest.

I am the most educated person in my family. By a long shot. It has been the key to my success. I am excellent for business.

Family. Emotions? Day to day normal things in life? Not so great yet. I am still working on that part.

I know for sure. Without my faith. I would have nothing.

I can loose everything tomorrow. And in 3 months. I would make millions of dollars all over again.

Teaching that to my family... That may take a lifetime. I have had great mentors and great teachers; all great leaders in my life.

I have a great heart. And I have a good head on my shoulders.

I see this spiritual battle daily. Good versus evil. I will not allow the deceiver to destroy my family. My family's happiness is all I care about.

Money lost its value for me over 21 years ago. My relationship with the highest power has grown much stronger. I am wiser today.

I have millionare friends. Today two of them taught me valuable lessons. They have my net worth at least 100 times. Amazing.

They still teach me things daily. I am still learning every day. I challenge myself every day.

I thank God for being there each and every step of the way. I know without my faith. I would not have life.

I am ready to destroy the deceiver daily. And I do.

My challenge is now teaching my loved ones. There is no other way.

Not only to be successful but to live.

If you learn to look for God. You will find it in every situation.

The enemy can use our minds against us. We must remain strong.

Sadly. Sometimes people in the mental health industry may only take this career because of the high income. But they may not have a love and a passion for it.

We may have to often learn to cure ourselves.

I have been studying medicine for 20+ years. And I am still learning.

There are great books out there. All over the world. But honestly. You never stop learning.

I see a different world today. You have to be careful with success because it can harm you. Its very delicate.

I pray daily. There is no other way for me.

Challenges come from everything but we must remain strong. I am very tough on my children. I pray that one day they completely understand.

My success was built by my pain and suffering. I rather die than allow my children to live in poverty or struggle financially.

I grew up in extreme poverty.

But it has motivated me each and every day.

Anything in this universe is possible. I am living proof.

My family sleeps while my mind is busy at work. Each day building a new part of our future. They are my motivation.

I can never enjoy my success because their happiness is my top priority. Not mine.

I am blessed to have these challenges. Even mentally. Remember. Anything is possible.

At times we dream. We ask God for blessings. Not knowing the responsibilities it comes with. Even the families in my churches depend on me. I have no choice but to care for all of these people because gave me the blessing to take care of them.

I accept.

This is the way.

God Bless you. Continue to dream big because dreams come true.

In your own pursuit of happiness... You are amazing. We all pray for your success daily.

May The Force Always Be With You.

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