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There has to be a balance



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
On the outside, or on the surface of life; things tend to seem a certain way. But on the inside, a completely new reality can co exist. I come here to revisit my thoughts. At times in hopes that you all travel with me.

In both my family, and my wife's family; we are the most accomplished. I believe it is the dynamic secret to our successful marriage. It has never been easy. But we are celebrating our best years. Together.

We travel all the time. All over the globe. I noticed something we both secretly do. Together.

I was first.

I am attempting to help guide my loved ones. While I am at my highest of highs; my family struggles with mental pain. I. Try my best to solve problems daily.

Yesterday. My wife. Just did the exact same.

While we celebrate. Somehow. Our relative's problems reach us. By phone. Email. Or social media.

And my wife, finds herself trying to solve similar problems; for her family.

I really want to cut our cell phones off!

In a sense. We feel guilt of our success. We feel bad for them. But we also love them and do not wish for them to suffer.

This is a very toxic and emotionally vicious cycle.

During a meeting. I over heard her sister. We are on vacation. I can not sleep. For us. This is normal.

When her sister responded. She sounded sick to her stomach; to even hear my wife's celebration tone.

That really worried me. Not only did I realize that. But I saw myself doing the exact same thing. Previously.

I can't turn off my heart. Or my emotions. I really really love my family. I try to inspire them daily. But in a sense; because it comes from us... It's almost always received as damaged goods.

Out of both of our toxic families; our mothers are our only real responsibility. We have both reached the conclusion to focus on just that.

Both of our mothers are mentally challenged.

I soothe my mothers pains daily. I give her mental therapy daily. I love her so much. Now. All I have to pull off is convincing her to move here; close to me.

My toxic loved ones, are stopping her growth.

On a business note. The President gave a speech about 1030 reforms. A capital gains tax for 0 to $500,000.00.

My real estate investments are in trouble. This means. Time for a pivot for my investment portfolio.

I jinxed it. I was just talking about this. Plus. The SEC just posted a new time frame for a Bitcoin ETF. More of a June time frame.

My Bitcoins are also in a blender; soup. My technology company is on stand by.... That leaves me with music. And my franchises.

Both relate directly to real estate. And commercial real estate.

The markets are shifting.

So. I am celebrating. But my loved ones pull on my heart emotionally. My investment portfolio's are in a war; landscape.

We are starting over. Expenses are at an all time high; as for everyone in the world... The pandemic is accelerating all of these changes, both in life and in business?

My long term is Bitcoin and Etherium. Gold and Silver.

That runs off my real estate.

For my technology company. There is a chip shortage , plus all new legislation on capital gains taxes. And I am still pending on EIDL and PPP loans and grants; to relocate my businesses and start over.

But I am happy.... And worried.

AND my loved ones. Or OUR loved ones are driving us bonkers!


I don't mind loosing it all and starting from zero.... But please... Peace of mind would help!

Time to cut my cell phone off!!!

Sleepless night... #4?

But I am so grateful to be alive and healthy. To have a beautiful woman that loves me. To have my full faith and belief intact. To have my parents in good physical health. And my awesome children. And all of my family here online. You guys rock!

What I try my best to understand and learn from each day; is how all of these things can develop at once. And not only for me; but millions and millions all over the planet earth.

I even got 3 or 4 movie offers! One is a possible speaking role?

All small parts, but in huge movies. And I am like... God... What does this all mean? I have a dentist appointment I fear; while my loved ones are driving me bloody mad!

I want to get off this emotional roller coaster.

Honestly. When I speak to my best friend... I have to laugh! @$!# it. At least we are still alive; with a fighting chance.

Every day today, in these C19 times... Is a gift!

One. No matter how cloudy... I can not take for granted...

Roller coasters and all.

Even in these sleepless nights in Seattle.... Rainy and foggy...

I need my coffee!

Today's goal.... Give thanks for my little sunshine in life... And smile and have fun; while sharing my laughter with others!

Help someone else... At least one person!

So. If you can cheer someone up. Or help them by talking or listening to them; express themselves... Do so.

It may save a life!

People are worried and stressed... @$!# it. You only live once!

I choose to be happy today!

Depression sucks! 👪🙏😎

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