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Therapy, meditation, physical exercise- effectiveness on thoughts, feelings, behavior?



Sep 25, 2020
Hi I have suffered with anxiety, depression in the past and have tried a no of techniques like CBT, ACT and wellness practices like yoga, walking, breath-work and meditation.
1. Thoughts- I have tried Cognitive behavioral therapy and found it to be very effective in dealing with thoughts and my negative beliefs about things. The more I practice the more I see that I always believe in the worst and the worst never happens...
2. Feelings- But I don't find Cognitive therapy as effective in dealing with feelings. I find breath-work helpful for feelings and some physical exercise like running, yoga or walking.
3. Behavior- Controlling behavior is also not that challenging for me because with daily awareness like journaling about it off and on it becomes better or controlled.
4. What I find most challenging is unhealthy feelings- how to deal with them?
5. What I find easy and effective? Don't identify with anything. Talk to someone.
6. What do each one of you do for mental health and wellness? For thoughts, feelings and behavior? It'll be great to hear!
Prince of Cinders

Prince of Cinders

Well-known member
Sep 12, 2020
Suffolk, VA
To be honest, I've had limited results with the things I've tried. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to that, so I can't say it's all me or all of something else. When everything is really negative all around you, it's difficult to see things in a positive light.

Mostly, I've relegated myself to being segregated to my room, since i live with other folks at present. I still am sociable to some degree, but generally try to keep things contained in here. I don't want to get angry or come across as being an ass when doing so could make my living arrangement more precarious (or at the least, less pleasant).

While i do tend to post here, now that i've gotten somewhat comfortable, I don't talk to people IRL about much. Here, i can enjoy a level of anonymity and (so far) a general lack of negative judgment. IRL, it's not that way and i value my privacy to a great degree. It's likely not healthy, and certainly keeping myself apart from people isn't doing me many favors, but it's the best i can do for now.

I'm sure others have more productive and healthy methods. For me, just keeping my head on my shoulders is about the best I've got at present.
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