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therapeutic communities


rosemarys baby

hello, i'm new here, i wonder if any of you could help me. i am in the assessment process to go into a therapeutic community (aka group therapy) my psychologist said it would be a good idea to find out from those currently or previously in this type of therapy what their experiences are/were. so if you can give me any thoughts i would be grateful.
thank you.:tea:


Feb 6, 2009
I am currently attending a therapeutic community. It is 3 days 10-4.

I have been there for 4 months and to be honest it is very hard going.

You are really challenged there by the therapists and other community members.

We have 'big' group, small groups, art therapy, activities and studio time.

i find it really difficult because i find it hard being with other people!

I know that there are long waiting lists for people to go, currently 18 months at mine!!

Would i recommend it. That is very difficult to answer!! I am always asking myself why am i going but to me i see it as my last hope.

People have finished their year and at their last review say that it is only in the last 3 months that they notice a change in themselves.

We won't be 'cured' but hopefully it will help us to handle situations we come across.

I know this may sound negative to you but i thought i should be honest!!

Everyone is different! It is a committment and if you fail to attend regularly you can lose your place. This has happened.

rosemarys baby

thank you

thank you very much aussiebabe for replying also for your honesty, i am really thinking hard about whether the TC is right for me, i really can relate to what you said as i can imagine i would feel the same, i will be seeing the psychologist and the art therapist again in a couple of weeks, meantime i am thinking very hard, what you have said will definitely be taken into account. so thank you again its very good of you to tell me.