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Therapeutic Communities that treat depression



New member
Feb 11, 2013
What is your experience of residential places that help people with mental health problems e.g. Therapeutic Communities or The Priory? Can't think of any other alternatives. Would like to find out if you have lived in a therapeutic community for depression etc and what it was like. Thanks.


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I've never been into a therapeutic community personally.
I know of someone who spent time in one about 10 years ago, and she told me it was really really hard.
I do think that the general approach to getting better varies hugely, depending on each community.

I also know of someone who went to the Priory and didn't think much of it. But in the politest possible way, I don't know how reliable her opinion is and so i'd take that with a pinch of salt.

Is this something you are considering for yourself, Pippa?
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