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The world is against me



Mar 15, 2020
Ever since I went NC with my abusive parents it feels like the whole world is against me. I don't know if it has to do with me being a nervous wreck and it's that people respond to my tone of voice and facial expressions. Maybe they can sense fragility in me. I m not t sure what is going on. The thing is that everyone I interact with responds with hostility, aggression, distrust, everyone is taking advantage of me. I know I sound paranoid but honestly I ve never dealt with so much aggression and bad behaviour from other people in my life before. Even when I am calm and polite people respond with ageesssion and bossines. I don't get it!


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Nov 10, 2019
People do react to us so it is likely part of what you are experiencing is due to how you are feeling and how that is coming across to others. It is unfair as this is the time when you need more care, not less, and not any negative experiences.

You made the NC decision for a reason, so maybe you need to give that a significant amount of time before changing your mind back.

Do you have any other support in life or people to talk to?

It is hard when your family are both the cause of your suffering but also help you too, this is how it is for me anyway. It means boundaries need to be very strong.

Keep going, you will get through this. Try not to worry about how other people are behaving. Maybe they are feeling as bad as you are? We never know how other people are feeling.