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The work will get done...

Apple Star

Apple Star

May 26, 2009
Worthing, South England
It's so frustrating.

I get distracted from work. I have so much to do, but I just can't face it. I just can't get it done.

And if I start thinking about food and eating, or how guilty I feel; or how I'm a bad, unloveable person who is lazy and disgusting; or how my life should be perfect but I've made it a mess for myself; that just makes it all worse.

I need to get on top of this work, but I just distract myself and can't get it done :(

But I will get through this. Happiness' victory is an option, depression is not! xx


Sep 22, 2008
Hi apple star.Welcome to the forum.
I'm suffering with depression too.I think my meds help I'm on 45 mg mirtazopine.


Well-known member
Oct 25, 2008
Hi Apple star welcome to the forum,

Its very easy to get distracted and let work slip, especially when concentration is at an all time low, tedious work is the last thing I feel like doing also. I find stopping what i'm doing inside particularly working on a computer and either working outside or going out for a bit of air can sometimes help a little. I wish I had an amazing answer for you but unfortunately I think it's one of those symptoms that only goes when the depression is under control.

I hope your racing thoughts dont last too long also - I know how exhausting they can be. I hope you dont mind me asking, but are you receiving any treatment at the moment, either from your GP or another health care professional? If your not it may be worth a trip to you GP to let him/ her know how you are feeling.

I have to say i admire your positive attitude in your final paragraph. It takes a lot to combat depression, and thinking/ knowing there is a positive end is a great step.

Take care and keep us posted as to how you are doing.

Jo X:hug:


i think you are not happy with your work. am i right? you can't feel the enjoyment and you feel being destructed instead. so better find a new job if possible.
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