The Way I Put People In A Radio Station Category



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Mar 29, 2016
This started when my Dad worked with a load of lads as their supervisor. They'd always have Galaxy Radio on when in the land rover. They even got my Dad mentioned on The Galaxy Breakfast Show one day. It ended up with me calling my Dad The Galaxy Man. Now I put lots of people in radio station categories by their personality. I've even been able to identity what radio station 2 people on this forum could fit in. I'll put down some examples starting with the 2 people on here.
  • Fairy Lucretia - Kiss
  • Mayflower7 - Heart
  • My 2 Young Care Workers - Capital
  • My 2 Other Care Workers - BBC Radio 2
  • My Uncle In West Yorkshire - BBC Radio 1 Xtra
  • My Uncle In Buckinghamshire - Gold
Now mine is Muzyczne Radio which comes from Poland. I feel like that foreign radio station as I think I'm different to everyone else and don't match into any English radio stations. I just hope anyone does not find this thread too weird or creepy now.