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The Voices I Preceive Are Of The Spectrum



Mar 5, 2021
The Plague
I often read in Mental Health Forums that people hate their voices, don't want to listen to them, and voice hearers get angry, and are scared about the precpetions they have. I have experienced that to a certain level, but many of the voices I hear, its like I am hearing people that have that reaction, but to my thoughts and my inner voice. There is a lot of fear among people here. My experience with voices is on a spectrum. I think that partly it is because most of my life I have been a listener. I was called names and fucked with socially. My reaction however has been since a certain age, to build a collation.

It's weird, when my family moved back to America, we moved into a metropolitan area of southern California. It was the 70s and a lot of shit was going on, drugs, racial, and violence. Then my dad built a house after working hard and it was near a natural setting. Kids were in the hood and when I showed up, they were skeptical. I quickly identified the baddies, the ones that just wanted to mayham, I guess I had enough experience with them beating me up and friends in the concrete jungle. Its funny though, you know, the baddies weren't all that bad if you got to know them. I mean they would tear down our forts and we had to fight them. But one of them asked me to watch his dogs and guinea pig when he went on a vacation with his parents and I asked him and another guy to watch our house and take care of our pets while we were away. Some of these guys got real bad and the school shit was thick. Lots of intercessions from the good people fixed crap.

Its weird you know, the really good ones are way off it seems, and I am listening to dope heads go through their cycles. Its not the dope, its the denial that anything different, can be special and expand the horizons as well as the vertical.


Mar 5, 2021
The Plague
So I know live in Ketucky, but I was born and raised in Southern California. Its not cheap living there. There is air conditioning. Weather is borring, but as we go into summer, I would like to go back. Get a Tan for my lilly white. Get baptized in the pacific. See some read woods that thousands of years life spans.

But I got a trailer and a cat that would still be begining door to door to sleep on someones pillow, eat up their Aunt Jamima Jail House Syrupy Near Meat Food Product. I have commitments. Plus you know, not all Kentuckians want to torture me. Just the ones with to much power and don't wan't anyone mind their pets while they are away. This guy showed up in the trailer park and married this daughter of a woman that dropped a bunch of food on me when I first moved in. On the golf course, I would pull out my buck knife and throw it at rattle snake and it would cut into several pieces. I kept the skins in my keep sake box my mother gave me. Along with the first dead person I saws obituary. He was put in jail because they thought he was a drunk, but really he was going into a diabetic coma. He saved me from drowning in the deep end of a pool. He was a dragster racer professionally, before he became the devoted father of my best friend on that street, Mark Rogers.
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