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The Voices are able to trigger Emotions and Urges --



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Aug 11, 2010
Hi all --
I want to raise a caution among you all who have the misfortune of being infected with "The Voices" or "Auditory Hallucinators" ... I seem to have a really nasty set of them Voices more nastier than the average person has.
These bloody Voices are coming up with new and new ways to just harass me it seems, even though that I have since in-depth insight into them and are able to distinguish all their actions vs mine...

The topic of discussion in this post I raise is what I call "Synthetic Urges and Emotions" that the Voices are indeed able to trigger.
So we have the extra burden now that we are blessed with These Voices to be alert and be able to distinguish our own emotions and urges with those triggered by the Voices.
My Voices have been desperately trying to "Order" me to do things .... but I simply refuse to comply .... so now they have resorted to try and trigger urges in me in order to just make me do things. Why they just want us to do things for them I fail to understand ... from the day they were born looks like they came into this world screaming and ordering for things LOL.🤣😂
For Example when I am sleeping ... they try in various ways to disturb my sleep. Most of their noise-based disturbing attempts I am able to simply IGNORE .... so the latest trick they have come up is attempting to trigger an "Urge" to get up.

Another thing these terroristic Voices have been doing to disrupt my listening to Music is attempting to trigger an Emotional High feeling at the crescendos in the Music. These Voices are so Mad and destructive ... they seem to have a big problem with me enjoying listening to Music and the fact that the Music drowns them out !!! Ha Ha.... So at the various peaks in the Music which sometimes gives you the goose bumps ... that feeling these bloody Voices are attempting to Synthetically trigger and amplify when I listen to Music.

So this got me thinking about the Numerous brethren of ours those infected with The Voices, who have committed so many acts that they feel were forced on them by The Voices .... it is very true they have been sort of "Programmed" by the Voices to commit these acts .... as their Voices probably triggered a strong Urge or generated a Synthetic Urge that forced them to commit these acts.

So just be aware that whenever you feel an urge or an emotion like goose bumps or a rash of anger that is unexplained or unattributed -- it has been very likely triggered by these Voices.

Cheerio !!!


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Forum Safety Team
May 6, 2017
This is my experience too, my voice can put ideas and impulses to do things into my mind but he's usually quite clumsy when he does it so I can easily spot what are my own desires and what are his.

I also feel his emotions, mostly frustration but thanks to meds they're much weaker than my own emotions, I can see before I became aware of him and medicated him my emotions were greatly influenced by his.

In regards to goosebumps my voice seems to get this response when listening to various songs or watching certain scenes of movies or TV, I now know it's not my own response now but rather his and this may have been the case for most of my life.

I'm a firm believer in everyone having a voice within them, to call them just a voice would be an understatement as to me they are obviously much more, they seem to have a unprecedented connection to our minds and bodies.

I see many 'illnesses' that are the results of our voices influence over us, physical ticks from Tourette's syndrome as my experience shows they have limited control over our bodies, moods associated with Bipolar, Schizoaffective or depression and I believe they're responsible for the intrusive thoughts and impulses that people with OCD suffer from just to name a few.
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