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The vestibular opens and closes to emotions like a computer allowing programs



Well-known member
Sep 12, 2016
For a long time I've talked about voluntary voice creating like singing songs into white noise or a fan etc.. What I've noticed is that when a I use a certain voice, whether its a yelling voice or a calm one, the ghosts can yell in this exact same voice. They might yell what I'm thinking or say things on there own. It's different then talking because there are a couple of us using the exact same voice. But it confuses me sometimes as to whether they are my own whimsical thoughts popping out of my head or if its a ghost guiding my thoughts along. The ghosts that cry out in help will scream my thoughts if I think them way down and make them seem like their own. So I have ghosts that are yelling my thoughts out loud screwing up my meaning making me mad, I have ghosts that threaten me saying BS like they're going to kill me making me mad, and I have ghosts screaming for help that yell out my thoughts because they are too weak to help it. All of these different methods voices use to intentionally make me angry can take away my control of voluntarily using my balance system in any way. The gyroscope can prove this. When you lose control of your emotions this way to a ghost,not only is it frustrating to be belittled in the solitude of your room, but you shut off the communication of your vestibular from the empty space medium, and from others, whose opinion of you may be drastically different then your own. Any type of disagreement will effect this open close valve in your vestibular.