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The Truth About Antidepressant Research: An Invitation to Dialogue



I'm addicted to Clomipramine and I've been on anti-depressants for over 20 years. I've tried to come off my latest tablet Clomipramine, but the side effects are really really bad when I do so. I feel so cheated by the pharmaceutical industries and I'm also very angry.

I thought that they did help in the early days, but now they don't and I remain on them as withdrawal just renders me incapable of doing anything. I get wooshy sounds in my head, I feel so disjointed and I'm an emotional helpless wreck. How could I live normally, never mind keep my job now if I come off them? I'm really angry. A lot of us have been human guinea pigs, how could this have been allowed and still be going on today?

The video really does highlight all the shit that has been going on. These drugs have now effectively damaged my health!

I've tried reducing my tablets slowly, my doctor points out how easy it is, but what a load of bullshit that really is! I don't want to remain on this shit, I really don't, what can I and millions of people do now? God help us!


Sep 25, 2012
Planet Lunatic Asylum
Thanks for the reply Voyager.

i think it needs to start with all the bullshit being stopped & people seeing all this for what it is. Will that/can that happen? Sadly i'm doubtful it will.


Not in the near future anyway, perhaps the pharmaceutical companies may come out with a tablet to ease us off the anti-depressants, lol!