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The Traffic Is The Anchorless Reality --- Its what this musician hears



Active member
Jul 14, 2018
Hey, my name's Andrew. :) I'm a musician with a trained ear and ive been playing instruments since for the last 20 years. I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I study the music of schizophrenia (psychosis).. the tone we all lose touch with reality is the major 2nd of the Aeolian mode. But.. I've been studying it, and I feel like the people driving around in vehicles or traffic in general is the anchorless reality... the traffic creates the sounds or tones, in the aeolian mode, like its the end of the world. The psychosis tone, is also in the same tones.

Has anyone listened to the hip hop thats out today?
Alot of people rap about schizophrenia and psychosis, and it has been guiding me in my studies. Asap rocky and some albums of gucci mane are examples.
- Anyone remember getting lost in the sound of vehicles or traffic when they went into psychosis? --Cause the more you get lost in it, your thoughts will eventually become disorganized.
Just looking for ideas, or what sounds people think has caused their psychosis, the music thats happening in your head has to come from somewhere, .. it's how you feel.