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The Superficial empathy doesn't promote longetivity



people put their heart and soul into many of their posts and I have seen a pattern of generic pretend empathy. A robotic type, like they have been doing this for years. This can be addressed by lifting awareness. If you choose to reply to my threads, not interested in seemingly fake mass produced replies or likes or other stuff. I am here for real people who put in the time. Demanding as I am, I have a particular insight that only a small few on here have, I am still alive.

Not here to be told what to do by so called helpers either, I am the real deal, search all my posts and you may understand :)...I have a choice and as do you.


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May 30, 2012
small town Ontario, Canada
I disagree that people are superficial here, you seem to have a misunderstanding of the volunteers and members who, spend countless hours of their time to help other people as well, we the volunteers are members first and formost. People who experience difficuties ourselves and post as members regular people such as yourself. We forum staff to try our best to remain non judgemental and to support people to the best of our abilities. We aren't paid or pretend to be professional counsellors. We are volunteers, people just like you. I've met the most caring people I've ever known on this forum, I don't see anything superficial about it.

Considering you've only just joined the forum maybe you havn't been here long enough to see how much true care is here.
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