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The Spiritual World




Our physical universe appears to coexist with other physical and mental dimensions. These alternative dimensions of consciousness may be layered within our own physical space, parallel to our space, or linked by unknown designs around our dimensions.

Contained within our universe are energy waves that appear to be guided both by design and wisdom from a higher consciousness. Our dimension is inhabited by the vibrational energy of immortal beings we call Souls who evolve by gaining knowledge and acquiring wisdom.

Souls exist multi-dimensionally, both within and beyond linear time and space. The natural domain of Souls who come to earth is the non-physical dimension that we call the "spirit world" where Souls go between their incarnations. The spirit world is a place of love, kindness and compassion as well as one of order, planning and direction. It is possible that a higher space of perfection (beyond the spirit world) may exist which is not accessible to Souls still incarnating in the human body.

Our human reality is a three-dimensional material universe that includes movement and, therefore, a passage of time with the aging of all things physical. Time exists as an expression of change. However, in the spirit world Souls exist in a Now time, which is not on one timeline and is not absolute.

The spirit world is characterized by the forces of creative energy, universal thought, and support for spiritual enlightenment designed for the apparent purpose of training and growth in all Souls' evolution toward perfection. At the same time the spirit world offers a space of quiet contemplation and reflection between lives.

The human body and physical brain contain the spiritual mind of an immortal Soul. Conscious thought consists of ideas generated by the human and Soul mind in association with each other. Indications are that unconscious intuition, insight and conscience are influences of the Soul.

Each Soul is part of a decision-making process in choosing a body for the next life to experience certain karmic lessons as an outgrowth of former lives. All information and experiences accrued through human bodies is retained by the Soul. The reservoir of these Soul memories and accumulated wisdom derived from experience is referred to as the Superconscious mind.

The Soul's prior history is retained in higher consciousness, the Superconscious mind, and may be released into human consciousness through various means, one of which is hypnotic regression. However, pre-existing amnesia may be a partial or complete blocking agent for some which may limit recovery of past life and between life information.

While Soul memory may be hidden from the level of conscious awareness, thought patterns of the Soul influencing the human brain may induce motivations for certain actions. We do not know the degree to which human choices or actions are influenced by the Soul since this variable is different with each person.

Reincarnation, or the transmigration of the Soul, is designed to advance Soul development through the choice of a specific body that will be involved in certain timeline events. This choice is governed by the special needs of the Soul to advance from lower to higher levels of learning based upon performance and desire, as well as karmic issues from former lives.

During physical incarnations on earth various possibilities and probabilities arising from karmic influences and Soul contracts are subject to the free will of the Soul. Thus, humans are not bound to a predetermined existence.

The meaning behind the existence of each individual has been planned in advance to allow all Souls to come into their physical incarnations with a purpose. Goals are originated, in part, by karmic patterns from former lives and, in part, by specific lessons relating to the ambitions of that Soul. These objectives are established in concert with a Soul's spiritual peers, personal guide(s) and a Council of enlightened spiritual Elders.

A new age of spiritual enlightenment has ushered in a period of human history where, with increasing frequency, people are seeking different approaches to exposing their immortal minds. A significant catalyst in this process is Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression utilizing hypnosis.

The Soul: based on the descriptions of Life Between Lives clients

The soul can not be defined because it has no limits that are perceived about its creation. The most consistent reports of its demonstrated essence is that the soul represents intelligent energy which is immortal and manifested by vibrational waves of light and color.

All human beings have one soul that remains attached to its chosen physical body until death. Souls play a part in the selection of their next physical body during their reincarnation cycles. The soul typically joins its physical body after conception between the fourth month and birth.

Each soul has a unique immortal character. When joined with the human brain this character is melded with the emotional temperament, or human ego, of that brain to produce one personality for one lifetime.

Souls reincarnate with human beings for countless lifetimes to advance through levels of development by addressing karmic tasks from former lifetimes. Souls grow in knowledge and wisdom through this learning process while pondering their thoughts and deeds in past lives with peers under the direction of teachers.

At the moment of physical death the soul returns to the spirit world, the source of its creation. Since part of a soul's energy essence has never left the spirit world during incarnation, the returning soul rejoins with that essence of itself. This, spiritual learning never ceases for the soul. The spirit world also offers souls the opportunity for rest and reflection between lives.

Souls appear to be members of specific spirit cluster groups to whom they have been assigned since their creation. The teachers of each group are the personal spirit guides of members of that group. Members of these groups reincarnate with the soul and assume meaningful roles during a soul's life on earth.

Rather than being defined as a place of ultimate non-action, or Nirvana, the spirit world appears to be a space of soul transition into higher forms of energy with capabilities for creation with advancement. The spirit world has an area of influence which is undefined except that it includes our universe and nearby dimensions.

No earthly religious deities are seen in the spirit world by returning souls. A soul's closest connection with the divine is with their personal spirit guide and members of a council of benevolent counselors who monitor the affairs of each soul. Souls from earth feel and sense the presence of a God-like Oversoul or Source emanating from above their counselors. The spirit world is composed of highly advanced non-reincarnating soul specialists who regulate the work of advancement for the souls in their care.

When incarnating souls develop to a high level of experience, performance and wisdom they will cease to incarnate and become advanced beings themselves who assist the still-incarnating souls.

The ultimate goal of all souls appears to be the desire to seek perfection and conjoin with the Source that created them.


Having just read that without noticing the hynotherapy site I have to say "I say it a million times "I had hypnotherapy for two years n there is no better treatment for acombination ofphysical and mh condition combined,Its theone therapy that compliments each others conditions taking into account the holistic aproach, though it understands the reason why you are experiencing pain it doesnt give pain the control it puts the power back into your control through mediataion and the wider thinking.


Sep 25, 2012
Planet Lunatic Asylum
Evidential Spirituality -

Evidential Spirituality: How to Build Spiritual Beliefs from Life After Death Research – The Search For Life After Death

"Evidential Spirituality: How to Build Spiritual Beliefs from Life After Death Research
The Difference Between Faith-Based and Evidence-Based Spirituality

For those of us who are not part of an organized religion but have a strong interest in the research and evidence for life after death, how do we define ourselves when asked about what we believe?

For some, the answer might be agnostic, new-age, or spiritual. For me, spiritual came closest to the truth, though most people equate a person’s identification as ‘spiritual’ with being undecided; believing in a vague and undefined higher power, but going no further in refining one’s beliefs. The term spiritual seemed to insinuate that although I had some belief in a higher power, I haven’t given the subject much thought, much less defined the finer points of astral mechanics. The accepted definition of spirituality is strongly associated with faith and many people who use a faith-based path to spirituality rely on personal and emotional beliefs about their philosophy of life and death as a foundation. Faith based spirituality is a perfectly acceptable path, one that can be extremely rewarding and intensely personal. In many cases, spirituality is also defined through personal development, with keywords of self-awareness, meditation, peace, connection and other types of self-improvement techniques.

Many people don’t realize that spirituality can also be obtained through a different path; one that relies on evidence, logic, skepticism, science and research. What results is a spirituality that is distinctly different from one based on faith or personal development, and it is that distinction that I believe deserves to be defined."

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