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The Real Mental Health Conspiracy



Dear Forum Members;

For the past 6 years, I have been coming here and expressing views that I have found through out my 13 years of research in to the label I have been given by first a psychologist and then multiple psychiatrists: SCHIZOPHRENIC. Most of my views generated from research are patently against the mainstream, both of psychiatry and the mainstream.

It is clear to me now that I will never be given an ounce credulity even by my peers in the struggle. Why? Because, always in the background of anyone's mind I speak to OR write to about the pertinent subjects regarding psychosis, in the back of anyones mind who I have revealed my diagnosis, is a slanted and heavily biased suspicion that any belief I hold no matter how convincingly I portray it, is probably the result of some broken brain process or madness that I will never escape.

It doesn't matter how many citations I make in an essay to books, or Internet archives for studies, exposes, lectures, or documentary footage .... all of it is like pissing in the wind. Ultimately the same tired arguments are generated and I chose to respond to them. Well, I am done with that and I am done with my research and I am also done sharing it.

Really for me it was about sparing those in the process of becoming or newly became psychotic from the 22 year ordeal I have gone through. That I have found is an ALMOST a lost cause. It was also about finding a way out for myself. In the fight I have grown to loath human systems, the laziness that sustains them, the commitment of human beings to the status quo for the sake of peace when there really is no peace, and the almost brilliant retreat of our species to top down dictatorial pyrimidical schemes by a minority of our most greedy and ruthless, those that lust for power at any cost. I have become extremely tired of facing off with people that perpetuate those systems of the down. I feel at this point I am pissing up a rope. I refuse to hang from it like charm.

So please do take every drug they offer you, believe in every fashionable model of causation you are presented with. Ignore your history and family and struggle. You will have an easier life if you just comply and submit and accept the labels with all of its fallout. Accept the drugs for life edict, and the prognosis that elicits it. We had our fun for a while, now it is time to drift off into gentle rest of chemical induced dementia and spend our days on the government or corporate health insurance plan for subsidized life support. You can sleep as a gentle man or a gentle woman, that knows you can't be in control of your life, other must take that responsibility, because ... its far to threatening and expensive to do things any different then they way it is currently done, It might cost precious moments of happiness and rob others of their hard earned wealth to do anything different.

Please go on disability. We don't need you in the work force. It's already hard enough to manage the normal people, we don't need your sort in the mix asking hard questions of "superiors" or ruffling the well groomed feathers of employees or hard won consumers. Become the best consumer you are slotted to be. Be a patient mental health consumer. Don't ask questions, follow doctors orders, follow orders in general, you don't know anything really do you? When a new drug is advertised on TV, In a forum, or in a banner ad or on the radio, pester the shit out of your doctor to get on it, because thats how WE make money. Putting out widgets for consumption.

In reality you are putting food on the table for others if you take the treatments, tortures and potions WE create. Its your good work for society. It is your contribution. Do it with the hope that one day you will be so anesthetized that you wont even remember how you got in the nursing home. You will live constantly in the present with no short term memory, just a happy and content mouth to feed another pill or McdDnalds Happy Meal Into.

As you slip quietly and gently into the good night, ignore the laughter at your expense, and accept the well earned nothingness you have been lead to consume, believe and receive in the after life.


Feb 22, 2016
I was so sick last summer (off of drugs 2.5 years) that I'm glad that I had an opportunity to go 30 days inpatient to get sanity again!
Agreeably, I feel like it's a Catch 22, (darn if we do and damned if we don't). Yup, a wild conspiracy lives within us & without us.