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The Power of Imagination




Healing by Imagination
Imaginative Healing: Introduction

Optimism, a sense of personal control and the ability to find meaning in one's life experiences are valuable psychological resources which can be life-saving in times of physical illness or mental distress (Taylor, Kemeny, Reed, Bower, & Gruenewald, 2000). By simply "flipping the sign", these resources suddenly correspond to the three facets of a deadly «cage situation» leading to psychogenic death, namely, hopelessness, helplessness and "escapelessness".

The power of life is just as self emergent as the power of death and the power of our imagination exudes a certain influence over both (Schmid, 2000, pp. 189-192). The power of imagination over this self-emergent life force has to do with our subjective feeling of time and the nature of our human relationships. To understand this better, it is helpful to look at the spatial picture of the above-mentioned «cage situation» from a temporal perspective:

To "flip the sign" on feeling trapped, look back into your past, that is, on previous attempts at solutions or on past successful solutions which you have already tried or had actually found for difficult situations similar to the present one. No one is able to tell you the meaning of it all: You have to search for the meaning of these past life experiences by defining it for yourself! I have a saying I like to use here: "Once is accident, twice is coincident, three times is evident!" If you've had a similar kind of problem three times, then there's very likely a pattern in what's going on, partly because of you, partly because of the situation and conditions you are in. Open up your curiosity and look for it! It's the final whole which lends the parts their original meaning.

To "flip the sign" on feeling helpless, look for solutions here and now, in the present. Take things actively into your own hands as best you can: Doing anything you feel might be proper, now, is better than doing nothing until you think you know for sure what to do later! There's another saying I like to use here: "How do I know what I think until I feel what I do?!" Take it to heart and live by it! Life is like learning to play a music instrument: Make roughly the right motions and then correct them!

To "flip the sign" on feeling hopeless, look positively into the future! Be optimistic even if this means being unrealistic! Plant your fantasy in reality and then let it grow into a vision for the future!

To break through your emotional isolation, look in the mirror of your Self!

The question now remains: Can your power of imagination over this life force also be used as a healing force? My answer is simple: If human beings are able to imagine their bodies to death, then it is a simple logical conclusion that they can just as well heal themselves by the power of imagination. After all, the most powerful influence for the mind to possibly have over the human body is one that can imagine it to death, so that, if the imagination can indeed kill the body, it can most certainly heal it! Indeed, as the following quote shows, the idea that the power of imagination can heal has its origins in ancient traditions:

"Sokrates told his Grecian colleagues that the barbaric Thracians are more advanced than the civilized peoples in at least one point. They knew that the body cannot be healed without the mind. 'For this reason', he advanced, 'it is impossible for the doctors of Hellas to heal many illnesses because they know nothing of this relationship.'" (Wright, 1958, Introduction)

Death as well as health are not only physical but also mental phenomena, even if this fact is sometimes difficult to reconcile with a narrow-minded, scientific picture of the world. Nevertheless, the repression of this fact, namely, the fact that imagination has the power to heal as well as to kill, still occurs today and can sometimes take on foolish, yes, even grotesque forms, especially in so-called enlightened academic circles (Henschel, 2000). In this regard and with a certain tongue-in-cheek, satiric undertone, one could say: A body of thought is not a refrigerator! In other words, new, unusual or uncomfortable ideas which don't happen to fit nicely into our established scientific way of looking at the world, or into any other system of belief for that matter, are - in crass opposition to the design of any refrigerator - not guaranteed for use by idiots! Ridiculing or denying the reality of psychogenic death or healing shows the extent to which rational thought can regress when confronted with the mysteries of the irrational.

Death is the last stage in every individuated human maturation process. Like any healthy step along the natural human development of the individual, it should be accomplished with a certain sense of freedom within security, of personal control within love, of optimism within courage, and under the preservation of a deeper sense of the meaning and dignity of life. Someone who cannot consciously allow themself the freedom, the ability, the hope, the security, the love and the courage to live, or someone who suddenly and unexpectedly looses the deeper sense of the meaning and dignity of life endangers themself with a weakened immune system or may even become victim of a tragic psychogenic death: the sudden and unexpected occurence of a mentally triggered death, a death with no primary physiological cause, a death which - with few exceptions - does not consummate a socially integrated, personal individuation but, rather, prematurely extinguishes an isolated life in a most tragic manner. My research is an attempt to shed some light upon the shadows of such tragedies. It is my intention to thereby gain a trace of insight into the power of imagination, amongst other things into the Gestalt-Principle of the mind-body isomorphism, the biunity of mind and body, in order to be able to enlighten the path along the way to finding better methods for psychogenic healing.


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Jul 16, 2009
The mind is a powerful and mystical thing linked to a neuron network that runs through your whole body.

The old saying mind over matter comes to mind

You can think positive or you can think negative

I try to think positive and not let the negativity of the world brought about by the separation of mind and body affect me ...its a battle

They can lock me in a cage put me in a chemical strait jacket but my mind will always be free

Time for a little anarchy

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Overcoming fatal illness by the power of imagination

A man with an advanced stage of cancer had ceased to respond to radiation treatment. He was then given a single injection of an experimental drug, Krebiozen, considered by some experts at that time to be a "miracle cure" - it has since then been discredited. The results were shocking to the patient's physician who stated that his tumors "melted like snowballs on a hot stove". Later, the man read studies suggesting the drug was ineffective, and his cancer began to spread once more. At this point his doctor, acting on his intuition, administered a placebo intravenously. The man was told the plain water was a "new, improved" form of Krebiozen. Again, his cancer shrank away dramatically. Then he read in the newspapers the American Medical Association's official declaration: Krebiozen is a worthless medication. The man's faith vanished and he was dead within days. (Story taken from (Dossey, 1991, p. 203.).)


They can lock me in a cage put me in a chemical strait jacket but my mind will always be free
You may deprive me of my possessions; you may shed my blood and burn my body, but you cannot hurt my spirit or touch my truth.



All 'mental illness' is created by the imagination. [CONCESSION: in my opinion]

Other than, of course, the genuine mental illness that is caused by the drugs that are used to treat the imagination. [CONCESSION: in my opinion]

Why does the imagination go haywire?

Why do people start believing outlandish things?

Why do people start behaving as though they were living in the midst of a warzone, or as though they were some secret agent or person of special importance?

What powerful mechanism is able to create these delusions of thought?

The imagination.

If you are 'depressed' it's because your imagination has become habitually engaged for you to imagine that you are depressed.

Why are you psychotic? Because your imagaination is enaged in making you believe that psychosis is the answer to the emptiness you feel deep inside, or, as an escape from the pain you'd rather not face. [CONCESSION: in my opinion]

Why are you high? Because your imagination has deemed it to be so. [CONCESSION: in my opinion]


How to become master of your self? How to reagin control?

In these words, it is simple. You must first accept your imagination. Then, you must channel your imagination in your own terms. Then, you must make concessions about the true power of your imagination. [CONCESSION: in my opinion]

You will then be able to say: mental illness is a game. I can no longer afford to play that game. I will use my imagination for more constructive pursuits. [CONCESSION: in my opinion]



You will then be able to say: mental illness is a game. I can no longer afford to play that game. I will use my imagination for more constructive pursuits.
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I really liked this post. I find creativity quite a helpful management tool, although of course it is unpredictable in it's coming and going. An inquisitive and energetic approach to recovery is something that I believe would
be very beneficial. Sometimes I get a burst of energy that I use in interesting ways and find myself feeling on top of the world.
When I put effort into it I am able to control physical bursts of pain (that I often get in my stomach and side) with my mind. This is pain that starts off doubling me over. I focus on silently telling myself how much control I have over my stomach pain, keep very relaxed as if not to fight it, and stand there with complete confidence. This way I can fade the pain everytime it starts, and after about 20 minutes I am so confident and relaxed that I think about something else and then realise it has gone. I found that a personal lesson as to how much influence I actually have. If I can do that with real physical pain, who knows what else my mind can do? It's incredibly empowering.
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Apr 28, 2010
Is a very powerful tool...
To the respect...
Its viewer...
The tool...
Fixing... the effort...
The will... to its cause...
Becomes obscure...
There has to be...in my opinion...
An obscurity...
To trust...
An imagery... cause...
Is of course...
The fantasy....lost...
Is a powerful tool...
To enhance...growth...
To productivity...
In the positive loving approach...
A life quality...
Is indeed...
An empowered divine cause...


The power of imagination is the ultimate creative power. This knowledge that the power to imagine is more powerful than physical practice is being used from medicine to the arts. The creative power of imagination has an important role in the achievement of success in any field. What we imagine with faith and feelings comes into being. It is the power beyond creative visualization, positive thinking and affirmations.


The power is incredible imagination and can do wonders. creative visualization can be carried through the joint effort of imagination, focus, faith, conscience, and insurance. Whether you focus on God, Goddess, Higher Power, Universe, Divine Love, Spirit, Mother Earth, Sun, or even the Nameless any phrase you want, your insurance is carried out consistently and continuously applied in practice and a positive attitude.


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Oct 11, 2010
and also a few other things

your right, imagination is one of the key forces which seperates us from the animals.

alongside imagination, I would also put:

faith and belief

these are all additional resources which mankind possesses which can have a tremendous impact on the calibre and type of person one becomes.

with faith and belief, anything is possible. Jesus said that you could literally move a mountain if your faith was correct - again also linking in with imagination.

gratitude and forgiveness goes without saying - these are almost and some would say Divine qualities which seperates us from the lower animals

nice post.