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The one thing i can recommend everyone



New member
Feb 24, 2018
To try at least once is fitness, weightlifting, running or something, anything with weights. I advice this sport because it is an individual sport and you don't need anyone else to do it. So you can do it anytime. And even if it is not your thing, trying it once is not the end of the world. Maybe it is secretly your thing without you knowing it! Will it be love on first sight? Maybe! You don't know if you don't try it! Exercise is great and healthy for the mind and body. And weightlifting is literally you versus yourself. Body versus the mind and the mind versus the body. But it is not the challenge to overcome one, it is the challenge to unite them. Because if you dont, you won't reach your fitness goal! And this fitness goal that you will get. That goal, it will give you something to fight for, something to be proud of, something to achieve!

When we feel angry, depressed or frustrated, where does that energy go without the right outlet? Correct, to waste! Don't waste it! Because fitness is perfect to put that energy in! The iron won't judge you, the iron won't break. They won't lie to you! 45 pounds is always 45 pounds. And the weights are always there when you need them the most and they will always challenge you and make you stronger. Healthier, happier in the end!

So try it out, I know you can do it! Because it is so that every human body is freaking amazing and everyone is capable of so many incredible feats. And you too! Within you there is enormous strength locked away. And in my opinion, it would be a shame if you did not unlock it!

Love <3


Active member
Feb 23, 2018
I definitely agree with you on the weightlifting. Besides the health benefits one thing it's done is put me more in tune with my body. I've learned not to underestimate how closely the body is linked to the mind. Sleep deprivation, dehydration, and not getting enough carbs are three things that I've noticed that send me into an emotionally and mentally downward spiral. On the other hand when I'm feeling consistently weak, sluggish, stressed, pissed off, or depressed I know that there is some mental baggage I need to address.

silly me

Feb 15, 2018
weight lifting/running/fitness changed my life, and kept me from committing suicide on a few occasions.

Thank you for this post!!