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The need for others



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Jul 22, 2020
Albuquerque, New Mexico
I will cut to the chase. I wish I had someone else to talk to besides the thoughts in my own head. It gets stale pretty quick and suffocating after a while and the 2 years that prolonged my aggravation hasnt provided much. I dont mean to come on to anybody with vengeful anger about it or to complain or bitch but, as many of us here undoubtedly Express, I dont have much options when it comes to maintaining my own personal insanity or expressing my distress. I'm sick of feeling alone. Beyond fucking sick of it in a way I cant express here. I'm sick of myself, my feelings, my own head. I'm sure some of you can relate. Not that I shouldn't take responsibility for whatever flaws I may have but, essentially, it wasn't like others were jumping to help. Cant expect them but still. It still would be nice to have someone on my side for a damn second. I apologize for the anger expressed here. I dont get along with people real well or just real shy and awkward in others. The fact that my anxiety and depression comes out so much brings out rage in me and frustration. To the point where I cant stand myself anymore nor the empty life I live. I'm not here to give everyone a suicidal diatribe or anything. I guess I'm just fed up with being ok with four walls to talk to. It was like this before quarantine and now it's the rule which, of course, DOESNT help. Yet again why would there be help in the first goddamn place? But I'll concede that's just an immature part of me talking. Anyway, thanks for reading my spiel if you did. As long as I don't take up any unnecessary time or anything from any if you.


You could speak with
  • A doctor/psychologist/counsellor
  • Family member
  • Here
  • With people you find online, such as here, but in another setting if you like
  • So you can't go out...... Or?


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Apr 28, 2011
Someone once said that depression was anger without enthusiasm.

It is often a big problem getting out of the house when depressed. In deep depression you are so needy that you cannot relate to anything outside as it does nothing to bring relief and can only remind you of your problems. Just going for a walk will not help usually. You need a purpose even if it just going to the corner shop. Your neediness might drive people away from you or attract people who prey upon the needy, so I would not rule out going to a professional such a doctor as suggested by @Lisaje


I understand your anger/frustration. I feel the same way a lot when I just want to be “normal”, but I don’t really know what normal should be. I agree with the others that it will absolutely make you feel better to talk to someone. For me, it’s hard to open up to my family, but I usually feel better when I can get some shit off my chest with a therapist.
All I can say is that I feel like you are now a lot because I hate that my brain can control me. You have to keep moving forward though. I’ve tried the Calm app to do 5-10 minute meditations. It helps to calm the chaos in my head. All you can do is try.


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Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Hi Andrew31. I definitely hear you. It sucks to feel trapped in a head that doesn’t work, in a house that feels restrictive and in a life you didn’t ask for. I live with my parents and we get along well so I am not in the same situation but if it weren’t for my parents I’m sure I’d feel the same. I can empathize a lot with your condition because I am also very reserved and shy and find it hard to meet people. I find this site to provide some relief with that. There is a great community here that I feel I can be a part of. It’s nit everything but it’s something which is better than nothing I guess, you know? Maybe the site can be a social outlet for you too. Just wanting to let you know that I hear you and I definitely understand. :hug:


Aug 3, 2020
Madrid, Spain
Hey! You are right. I came to this forum becuase I felt a little lonely at times, even though I have friends, I feel they are not people who I can talk to about my problems. Not even my family either. So well... if you need somebody to talk with, feel free to do it :)


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Jul 7, 2020
The fact that my anxiety and depression comes out so much brings out rage in me and frustration. To the point where I cant stand myself anymore nor the empty life I live. I'm not here to give everyone a suicidal diatribe or anything. I guess I'm just fed up with being ok with four walls to talk to.
I understand, there is always someone you can talk to, i do not just mean on here. Everyone has support systems, and some use them, but others do not believe in what they already have. Its good to keep emotions under control but you are right to be angry. Use that anger in a constructive way and find your inner warrior. Dig deep and concentrate on change.
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