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The most beautiful an rewarding things are not going to come easy...



Oct 1, 2019
Lakeland fl
The most beautiful an rewarding things are not going to come by easy... Its going to completly hate every moment of fustration... Your going to want to find a way to make it even just the slightest bit easier... Your going to get angry... And just when you get to the poont were you are ready to jist give up compeltly.. At whatever that level of compeltly is... Your going to finally realize... Had that aha moment... And even though your gonna ask yourself why you jist couldnt get it before... You respond no i needed the journey to understand..

But whatever you do.. Celebrate the victory .. But do not forget to continue your journey... You got it now... Keep getting it... Keep growing... Keep learning... Dont slack off just because you had your aha moment... You have to learn how to keep it... So you can continue to grow... Remeber how long it took you to ths moment... It may take even longer for you to finish it...

And remember your worth every blood sweet an tear it brought out in you




Well-known member
May 29, 2019
i relate most with image 2, image 3, image