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The meaning of meaning


Dr. Truth

It becomes hard to define something when many a mind on this planet is out to lunch most of the time. Basically, everyone has everything backwards.

For instance, it is said that Schizophrenics are split minded, part connected to reality, and part not. Yet in truth, it is the rest of the population that is split minded.

In the world of religion one believes that the red sea divided, the fish multiplied, the bread multiplies, the blind were healed, and even some dead were brought back to life. It is also accepted that in the future the dead will be brought back to life. Each of these is actually a huge change to the fabric of reality and that which exists with it. Wow.

If you believe in such PAST and FUTURE events, you will not be regarded as being in a psychotic mind state, nor will society insist you be placed on medication. However, if anyone claims to be in a similar "change to the fabric of reality" situation TODAY in real time, then your immediately seen as a supreme example of a perfected nut-case.

Thus due to split mindedness of the majority of mankind, strange PAST events are OK and thus are acceptable, strange FUTURE events are OK and thus are acceptable, yet strange PRESENT events are all given the absolute NOT OK and thus are instantly rejected.

As another example, descriptions of two people and their life styles were placed on paper and their names were withheld. Anything else obvious that may identify them was also withheld. These papers were then presented to several Psychiatrists. Each Psychiatrist soon began to see the picture and said that each of these two people showed all the classical tell tale signs of being Schizophrenics. They did say that a lengthy study as patients is required to give a complete diagnosis, but they still said that the two people showed all of the extreme text book classical symptoms of Schizophrenia. The actual names of the two were Jesus Christ and Mohammed.

Thus due to split mindedness of the Psychiatrists, strange PAST life styles of these two characters is OK and thus are acceptable, yet transport the two of them to the PRESENT and both are given the absolute NOT OK and thus are instantly rejected and classified as Schizophrenics.

Thus thanks to split mindedness, if you were able to move to different places in time, society would judge you 100% differently if these times are 2,000 years apart, even though you remained exactly the same. Thus those who judge in this manner are insane.


Hi :)

I have always said that if Jesus came back to our time, he would not be crucified, he would be sectioned.
Any one claiming to be Jesus is instantly seen as crazy and incapable of living in a "normal" society.

So I understand your point completley.

Elf :)

Dr. Truth

It gets worse. It is also difficult to get true meanings across to psychiatrists since they are immune to certain truths.

For instance, psychiatrists are never delusional when at work.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Martha Mitchell. She worked in the U.S. government and suddenly reported some nasty crimes going on within the government. Immediately, by numerous Psychiatrists, she was said to be a woman in a psychotic mind state who was experiencing Hallucinations and Delusions.

However, somehow her Doctors were able to completely cure her severe mental illness in less than a second. Here is how they did it. Once some tapes known as the “ Watergate Tapes” made their way into the public eye and provided evidence against president Richard Nixon and supported each and every one of Martha Mitchell’s claims, her mind was cured by the magic Doctors. This magic trick is now known as the Martha Mitchell Effect.

" Martha Mitchell Effect " - Truth mistakenly diagnosed as a delusion. It occurs when a claim made by a patient, is mistakenly diagnosed by a Psychiatrist as a delusion.

Logically Translated - The Psychiatrist is delusional and therefore cannot recognize the difference between Truth and Delusion.

Thus if a Psychiatrist cannot recognize the difference between Truth and Delusion, then thanks to immunity, it is simply a boo boo. But if a “ Patient “ can not recognize the difference between Truth and Delusion, then they are mentally unstable.

Thus psychiatrists are immune to certain truths. Thus a " patient " is simply not allowed to be in the right. According to the Psychiatrists, Patients are inferior beings and that's just the way it is.

The Psychiatrists claim to be in-touch with reality. If one is in-touch with reality then obviously one knows what reality is. If one knows what reality is, then one can come up with things such as the equations known as the Lorentz Fitzgerald Contraction Equation, the Time Dilation Equation, the Lorentz Transformation Equations, and the Velocity Addition Equation, all of which are related to Einstein's Special Relativity Theory, and do so with ones eyes closed.

But if you ask a Psychiatrist to describe the mechanics of this reality that they claim to be oh so in-touch with, they don't respond because they can't respond. They don't have a clue because they are in-touch with a form of global conformity, NOT reality.


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Nov 30, 2008
Dr Truth,

Hello and thank you very much for this post. I can agree with you at 99.999%, until I question weather or not you feel that the general public is with same, yet ignorant to their own plurality/multiplicity. Well, that's my take on it, that the only difference between them and us is that we are awakened to the plurality of mankind. Scientology also teaches this, that in order to eliminate overpopulation, we were given limited lifespans and packaged with many souls in each physical body.

Terri, I am certain that you will agree with this, as it explains how people can suddenly be "taken over", enflamed, animals.

I've never seen the miracles you speak of, but I have seen aliens/entities appear and disappear at will, and have had levitation and astral projection experiences.

Well, great post, and thanks again.