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The Mauve Factor and oxidative stress- Woody McGinnis



Just came back from this very interesting talk, Apparently there is also a conference on this weekend at the Spencer on Byron in Takapuna,

Here is the rundown ( My version of it is by no means exact, so please excuse any errors. he said a paper is to be published in November this year., and that we could get a copy from him, so I will ask for one. )

He was talking on Oxidative Stress and the Mauve Factor.
His background is a Behavioural nutritionist/ Parent of a child with a behavioral disorder, and was a GP, now specialises in research.

He started by showing a lady who had done research on ADHD in her neighbourhood with other parents and co-related their physical symptoms and appearances in a tabulated form
Dry skin/ eczema/ and other symptoms were prevalent that suggested a deficiency in fatty acids, and discovered Evening primrose oil and zinc as a benefit for these problems , as well as treating the ADHD symptoms. ( which is where I suppose fish oils come in also)

The Mauve Factor refers to a urine test that shows lilac on the paper chromatography test. It was discovered by Abram Hoffer in 1961. He found 27 out of 39 of those with Early schizophrenic diagnosis showed a high mauve factor. When treated 7 with Niacinamide the Mauve went from Positve to negative. When their symptoms reappeared the Mauve reappeared also.

Here are the levels of the Mauve factor
Down syndrome 71%
Schizophrenic 40- 80%
Autism 46-48%
ADHD 40-47%
ETHOH 20-84%

there was some confusion over what the Mauve factor represented- twice in research. But it now has been established that it is Hydroxyhempyrrolin-2-one(HPL)
I have a picture of the molecule but cannot draw on this :)

He said Mauve was lower at night, and highest in the evening before bed. tests could be effected by amount of water the subject had been drinking.
All the data is taken retrospectively from other research- allowing for very low costs.

All those with elevated Mauve had borderline B6 activity. Were deficient.

Mauve deficient associations are
Poor Dream recall ( often signals flagging B6)
Poor breakfast appetite - sometimes even nausea
Nail spots- white flecks on the nails ( indication of low zinc)
Stretch marks
Pale skin -( called China doll syndrome) Poor tanning
Lighter hair
Acne/allergies/ obesity
Coarse eyebrows
knee and joint pain
cold hands and feet
Light/sound/ odour intolerance
tremor/ shaking/spasma
stress intolerance
emotional lability
explosive anger
anxiety/ withdrwal
pessimisim/ depression.

(I asked if the people with these signs were on medication, as often medication can cause these effects- he said it was not noted in the data. So was not as complete as he would like.)

He said that a high Mauve factor also presented
perceptual disorganisation
Crime and delinquency.
It had shown in normal law abiding people who suddenly dipped into deviant behaviours!

Next was Zinc they tested White blood cell zinc, and found it subnormal in those with the mauve factor . they showed Leukodynima(?) white flecks on nails. Can suffer eczema/ asthma/ hyperactivity. Showed photos of his son, who had the light hair even though had dark blood(adopted) and said he gave him very high levels of zinc- his hair went dark- and his behavioural problems improved substantially.

( I asked later if using Hydroperoxide on the hair externally could increase oxidative stress - and he was nt sure)

levels were low in those with mauve factor, which he said shows the oxidation- loss of electrons in the body.
he links Emotional stress with Oxidative stress. Many toxins can also cause oxidation in the mind and body.
Oxidation happens, and the dead cells are is excreted through urine, breath, found in ADHD high oxidation levels through the breath.

MEDITATION lowers blood lipid peroxides, and lowers oxidative stress. (They are doing a test at the moment on people and relaxation techniques, and oxidation levels. I asked if meditation lowered the Mauve factor and he said he did not know, but he would tend to think that it would)

Mauve Factor and Psychosocial stress go hand and hand together. He gives patients extra B6 and zinc to mute stress symptoms. They can be given if it appears that they are beginnng to become upset.

PLASMA GSH lower levels when oxidative stress is higher.
HPL injections actively depress hepatic microsomal heme.
Heme depression lowers intracellular zinc and induces NOS And increases oxidative stress.
Poor energy is also symptom of Oxidative stress.

Those with mauve factor ( high HPL) show low catalase ( Catalase neutrolises bleach, and reduces hydropyroxide in the body.) this could explain the lighter hair and complexions.

Those with high HPL levels had greater nitric oxide content. Very high in autism

said the gut and the brain were effected by oxidative stress. Increased the permeability- became worried sick. Causing an overly porous intestine and " Leaky gut syndrome"
Thought there was a link between the Mauve factor and the Gut.Monopyrroles may be generated by bacteria. One study showed that Tetracyclin reduced them in 4 subjects.
Kanamyacin abolished them in 9 subjects

He suggest giving those with these symptoms of oxidative stress and the Mauve factor Vit C, Vit B6 Zinc and Vit E

Mauve levels predict proportionately lower functional B6 and zinc blood levels.
Strong reference to stress(? not sure if that is right)
Mauve is a biomarker for oxdative stress
Possible enteric origin for Mauve Factor
Links between oxidisations/ somatic health/ behavioural abnormalities

He said when giving Zinc tests were needed to monitor to ensure it was not in excess. test the plasma zinc level and the Red Blood zinc level. To make sure the copper levels do not go too low.
Can use Zinc sulphate in liquid form as is easily absorbed.

Talked about giving people P5P, which seemed to work well with zinc absorption.
good food sources of zinc- sesame seeds, red meat and oysters.
I asked if trauma could cause severe oxidation in the brain, he said yes.
I asked if drugs, such as methamphetamines etc, and he again said that they would have this effect.
he talked about how some drugs are antioxidants, where others such as Haldol that causes tardive Dyskenisia, is Prooxidant. as is cocaine.

He said he had visited the offices of Abram Hoffer, and looked at his charts and spoken to his clients,and TWO THIRDS of them recover completely in 2 years under his nutritional guidance. It is true, he has seen the results himself.

A few notes:
Too much B6 can cause nightmares and sleep disturbance.
gives doses of usualy 200 to 400mg Vit b6 a day ( usually with a compound).

Any questions and I can email him.


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Nov 30, 2008
Here's a similar case where glutathione, a strong antioxidant, was used instead. http://tinyurl.com/3dpszz Just shows that they dont understand whats happening. Oxidation is a corrosive state, cooking, seering, leeching oozing coagulation in the stomach and intestinal walls, cells, bones, organs, etc...


Adrienne, Cal, (Adrienn or Adrienne???)

With all due respect, I have to say that was boring as hell.

Adrienne, I have to apologize for typing that was boring as hell although at first I did think so.

I've never seen a guest here before and that's really not very nice of me so I'm sorry.

I'm staying away from this place; it makes me nuts.

Perhaps it could benefit someone though; you never know.

Although I see very little on "hearing voices" in that information provided, thank you.

I assume this applies to schizophrenia which I thought could not be proven, but just speculated.

Research a new catagory???

I must say though, it is a distraction and could be interesting.

I would argue on several points there, but I'm too tired.

One major big one is that so many of those Mauve deficient assoc. can be associated with too much of everything.

Yes, also, those statistics for schizophrenia especially seem unusually "high."

Need to eat and still laughing.
Did eat; just smiling now.


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