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The Many Forms of Anxiety



Jun 17, 2021
Hi, I’m Charles I’m 20 Male and have been suffering with anxiety most of my teenage years, so about coming onto almost 10years. The anxiety often makes my head tingle, I like to call it a buzzy head. I also suffer with Tourette’s with some vocal and motor tics, although these aren’t as bad as a lot of other sufferers. My anxiety is rather generalised which could be GAD, but most of it is health anxiety, with me always worrying about some major illness. For example big ones for me are Heart Attack, Brain Tumour, aortic aneurysm and brain aneurysms. I also have bad OCD in terms of doing certain things a number of times normally that magic number being 4. Out of interest what’s your magic number? The OCD also worsens intrusive thoughts I’ve found.

I’ve been through a few therapists and some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), but ended finding a child doctor/psychiatrist who transitioned me onto an SSRI Citalopram, helped me the most but sadly after 18, I couldn’t see him anymore. They passed my records onto the local doctors but that hasn’t proven to be as useful for me.

At the moment I’m going through phases of bad anxiety due to it being summer and me not having anything to focus my mind on as much. Hopefully soon I can also go out more and see friends which has tended to improve my mental health.

Sorry I know this is a bit of an introductionanary post and in a sense it is, but I also wanted to highlight my journey with anxiety to everyone as anxiety comes in many different forms and they tend to come together such as OCD, Tourette’s, Health anxiety and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It’s why dealing with anxiety as a collective feeling is so hard because of its many different types and forms. Thanks for reading my short anxiety story, in a sense it’s been a success but the battle is far from over and it’s one I plan to win. 🙂


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Oct 21, 2013
A comet
Hello Charles, welcome to the forum.
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