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The Linden Method



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Dec 10, 2008
Camborne & Newquay, Cornwall
Has anyone tried it and found its not just a rip off? It sounds really helpful, but I have no money- nothing! I can't even afford Xmas prezzies.
Does anyone have it downloaded and would be able to pass on any of it to help me?

My life is a total miserable mess right now, and I can't afford to wait until I can afford it!


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Dec 11, 2008
I've tried it

Not particularly helpful to me. Reason's: Charles talks to fast for me, reminds me of a salesman. In his audio addition he jumps around too much...maybe I can't follow him fast enough or grasp the techniques quick. He says it will NOT work if you leave out one component or the " 9 pillars... of the program. Basically all steps must me worked and understood for the entire program to be effective. I find this quite discouraging. It's almost like pressure. He takes a hard hitting approach to his techniques for recovery. That's just for me. Please don't try it because of my review. He does have some great ideas for thought. It just didn't work for me.
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Jan 7, 2008
Gave up on recovery yrs ago, with the new welfare ideas, better is something difficult, off course sush language makes me what the sun calls a malingerer, wish it was that simple

Seems you can't be on benefits and have peace of mind they contradict


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Apr 1, 2010
Linden Method

I can email you a copy of the Linden Method if you want, but I will be perfectly frank with you..... I agree with the post above regards to it being a bit salesman like. It didn't work for me either. One thing realy strikes me about this method is that Charles Linden only wants you to do what he tells you... he says this is the holy grail..... this and no other method will get you free from your depression/anxiety or what ever it is you have.

HOWEVER..... he states he has spent £1000's on therapists, reading, the internet and so on but found the majority of it unhelpfull.

Now sorry if I seam to be too analyitical (Im told thats my problem with anxiety and depression anyway) but.... How did he get is knowledge and information on how to get out of the depression / anxiety state he was in?

Basically he tells is life experiance in about 90 pages and then half a dozen pages about how to Breath, Relax and occupy your mind by getting a hobby that you can really concentrate on (photography was his)

Now my problem with that was ..... I've tried the breathing - ? not sure it makes me feel different. Ive tried the deep relaxation but I find that because I was never too good at relaxation I got increasingly anxious about not being able to relax. And as far as loosing yourself in a hobby (which again is a good idea), if you are anything like I am at the moment - I am getting stressed out trying to find something to concentrate on because my concentration is extreeamly poor, which in turn is causing me MORE STRESS!!!

Perhaps it's just me... but I can email it you if you realy want it:confused: