The Impact of AI on the Future of Mental Health



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Nov 23, 2015
Just done some reading about AI or Artificial Intelligence.

Already its everywhere, we just don't realize it.

Google search is an example.

This technology is exploding in leaps and bounds and it is predictable that we will be able to build psychiatrists.

Or more correctly, in the future diagnosis and treatments will be supplied by machine rather than a human with a Psych degree, a bad memory and Low Care Factor.

So very shortly in the future we can expect the Machines to take over diagnosis and treatment entirely, for all sorts of illnesses.

Artificial intelligence can calculate and diagnose a persons mental state far more accurately than a human can. Already we have Fitbit, which can be used to analyse sleep and exercise and diet.

Its a tiny step to analyzing Brain Chemistry. Miniscule. A machine can be with you 24/7 and you cant lie about how much meth you smoke or red wine you imbibe or whatever other less than healthy habits that may be keeping you MI.

Yes there is hope folks! If you live that long and survive whatever medical fumblings you're enduring right now!


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Sep 17, 2018
London, Westmister
Could you explain me the mental health of future if psychiatry do not collaborate with you?