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The Hum



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Mar 15, 2009
I was wondering if any voice hearers hear the Hum? There’s a lot out there on Hum sufferers. Take for instance the famous Bristol Hum of the UK and Taos Hum of New Mexico. I’ve been hearing this Hum for about 3 years now and voices for around 7 years now. There’s seems to be no pattern to the Hum it will go for 2-3 days straight then nothing for a week or so.


Yes Parker

There is a HUM around here at the moment.

Does this mean there is a satalite over head, it's certainly not coming from either my radiator, there's no heating on, it's sounds like it's well above my head and coming from just below the ceiling.

I'll ask my voices what they think it is.

They said it's pay time. And I know it doesn't sound ridiculous and they are telling me that the humming is caused by us and all our angels here.

So it looks like the world is starting to be well covered and now a voice to my left of me which I do not recognised says 'it was not caused by him, it is not unlike the sound of a generator for electricity, but a lot quieter, not unlike what earth's white noise

My thoughts are that SAINT VEIL is not half ready for action

Not a voice in my hearing now, just the gentleness of the hum. now it has changed in pitch and it is in alto and just to let you all know that my voices are doing all the humming around here, so no probs.

So it's not a satalite afterall.

Well that's not a relief, we need one of those to check out all those who are doing wrong and committing terrible crimes, oh my gosh, I'm off again starting to rant...... I don't want no big brother here, not half ...

Must go get coffee, no tea for me today

SAINTVEIL for evermore and for everyone's peace and quiet who hears our wonderful kind of voices.

I'm sending some hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm mmmmms over to you Cal you lacky man, whoops I mean lucky. I bet you are not famous either, not like you was.