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The Hidden Danger of Xanax Addiction



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Feb 2, 2019
Status Epilepticus! It almost sounds funny, unlike "cancer" for example. And how many of you, Xanax/benzos user have even heard of it? Anyone? I thought so! In November of 2017 I was a Xanax addict but I never considered myself a true "addict". I mean, addicts crave and and shake while they go into withdrawal. And we are well informed about Xanax/benzos addiction, right? Wrong! In November 2017 I was a Xanax addict but I never consider myself one. I could stay clean for a full week without any craving or shaking. One day while I was feeling great while being sober for the third day in a row, I went into convulsive status epilepticus. And that's a life threatening condition, you die in hours without emergency medical intervention! And as someone who experience it on it's own, it's my moral obligation to warn any Xanax/benzos addict: there are no warning signs! None!
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