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The Great Healer



This video is depressing at first glance and one could assume all these people hear voices and that one man has just gone mad and begins to laugh at the whole damn thing.
The others follow suit and begin to laugh, but one man is left wondering why the others are laughing and no one informs this poor man that laughter is contagious.

In the end, I am left feeling for this one man for what must he be thinking??? He certainly does not look happy.
Someone should have told him; why didn't they???
Just not thinking or just didn't give a good shit about him.
So, everyone got their fill of laughter except this one poor man.
This is life; there's always some left out of the picture.
A dog eat dog world; we care about ourselves only, disgusting.

I seriously fail to see any humor in this video at all.
What's the point???

Holofreq, why is this video bothering me so much?
Let me say also that you're very clever in the title and just posting a link without explanation.
From the title to the end of the video, it is all very dark and eery and noone on that train is happy.
The more you watch this video, the more you see and feel and again it's darkness and misery.

I don't want to seem rude, but it's all very ironic from start to finish.
Most responses on the video were opposite of mine, but then what do I know???



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Mar 15, 2009
An enlightened being who, out of compassion, forgoes nirvana in order to save others
What a cute video, i couldn't help but start laughing with them:)
You notice the old gal that faced towards the window that was trying to hide her laugh. She couldn't! These people will remember this from time to time and smile.


This man on the train is not a complete Bodhisattva for he left one man out while enlightening himself and others if that's indeed what he was doing. Leave noone behind.