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the feeling of shortness of breath



May 30, 2018
hello, just looking for some insight
for the last 6/7 years shortness of breath has been a big thing of mine and now its back.. i always feel like i cant get that full satisfying breath even though i am never gasping for air and my asthma peak flow is pretty much normal all the time, my throat feels tight and sore though
also my posture is pretty bad, i have been sleeping hunched up on the sofa for the last few days and my upper back adn chest always feels achey and heavy, will this not help the situation?
thanks for reading


New member
Nov 15, 2018
Have you been to a doctors so they can rule out any condition that might be causing it?

I get shortness of breath and feeling like I can’t get a deep enough breath. I have it most of the time it feels so real but my doctor has ruled out everything else and said that it’s anixety and it will go away when my anxiety goes down. My CBT therapist said the same too.