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the confusion just takes over.


Infinite Emptyness

Feb 15, 2010
loads of people say life is worth living and there are so many things to do so many things to see and expierence, i agree with this but instead i sit here crying on my own in a mental blackness. if im agreeing why am i not DOING its like do i not care? or is life just difficult i do not know, the constant confusion in my mind the whole time having to be locked away in my mind, hidden away from everyone else. WHY ARE THE FEELINGS IM FEELING CONFUSING ME SO MUCCCCHHHH im told ways to distract myself and ways to feel better, told about a chemical balance. what chemical unbalance? i dont understand what there trying to tell me, what am i meant to do what am i meant to think or is this just the life thats left for me, confusion,lonliness and sadness. help :(


Yes, all the questions we want answered , why this ? why me ?
it's not easy coping with mental illness !!
Trying to understand and get family and friends to understand ??
It can make you so confused, scared and angry, can't it ??
I hope you know you're one of many of us asking the same things,
I hope you get help and great support, you deserve it,
Try not to blame yourself, because it is an illness, unseen like a virus and just as bad sometimes !!
see the therapy poem I posted, hope it helps a little.

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