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Oct 15, 2017
So I've been having anxiety for years now (and probably even since before that), at first I thought I dealt with it rather well and I was really "symptoms free" for a couple of years, but then I began experiencing recurrent periods of intense anxiety (and depression of course) with only partial remissions between them. This last one about a year ago got me really good and I started therapy but after I year I'm having the worst time of my life with symptoms of panic and anxiety are at their peak worst, my therapist says it's a sign of progress because I'm finally dealing with my issues and fears instead of denying their existence so they get more intense. Idk how he calls it progress when I'm having suicidal thoughts, sometimes rather intensely.
Anyway, these issues he's talking about are so rooted in my mind that they feel like a part of my identity, and "uprooting" them feels like taking my own soul and personality away from me. My question is: can these defective issues, like dysfunctional thought patterns and behavior and terribly low self esteem be really uprooted for good? In other words: can anxiety really, really be cured? Or should I aim at only coping with it which I have no idea how now? And if it's incurable, what does coping with it means? I mean you can't cope with pneumonia because I need to f***ing heal it to survive.
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Jun 13, 2015
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Hi Imhotep :) I find that my Core Beliefs can be challenged and I am not those beliefs. It actually is progress when you clean out the shit at the bottom of the fish bowl.

My low self esteem will still get triggered but the duration is not as long. I use to get triggered into a bad space for months. Then it was weeks. Then it was days. Now it's a matter of hours. A yoga teacher I know of says we can stop reacting altogether.

You are not these negative thoughts and beliefs. They can be gradually eliminated and replaced with positive thoughts and beliefs. But at first it is very hard to do.
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