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The camara and the carer



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Oct 30, 2016
one of my relative is living alone in uk and he is a schizophrenic patient and an insulin dependant. His family and him together installed cctv cams and they communicate regularly. The family who is living abroad, look after the appointments and make sure of his three times medications and his food. The carer comes 2 times a week, though it is an hour package, he do 15 minuets cleaning and leave.
The relative use to go out and sit out side and talk to himself past 30 years, and the community like him and accepted him.
when He was siting out side and coffed the carer called the ambulance and complained that the camara is disterbing him when the family talks, that why he is sitting outside.
The carer and the care agancy and the care manager plane to take off the camara and make the relative alone and make a safe heaven for themyself. the carer and the care agency and the care manager is in one team.
The relative value his independencey Very much. A month ago his psychiatrist report says his cognition is intact. Few people in the system tried to make him incapacity to take his control and provide more services and earn more money failed in their attemp. The social worker does not want to change the care agancy. In this situation what can the relative or his family can do? What is right the next of kin who is living abroad have? Is the LPA valid? Is there any advocacy services they can get help without offending the the whole team. They are birds of feather flock togethe. The relative is a lost goose.


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May 25, 2021
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Hi sorry to hear about this. Sounds like you need to put in a formal complaint to the Head of the care agency. Do you have a Citizen Advice agency? What about his Mental Health Team or his Doctor? You could try writing to all of them, informing them of all the points you have made here. Perhaps the Forum members could help compile a letter that you can forward on to all the relevant agencies. Let me know what you think?
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