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The calm before the storm.


Mr. T

Nov 10, 2009
Do you ever find that you know when a mania is coming in advance?

suddenly your really positive when you used to be really negative.
Suddenly you have energy again.
It seems like the world around you is moving in slow motion
and soon you start to get irritable with the pessimists that surround you, they are just losers that dont know how to play lifes little game. Then you start thinking they know that you know the secret to a euphoric state of being where everything is perfect and they dont like this change they see in you. Your own relatives and friends are trying to torture you and untimately destroy you. You have to escape, youll go abroad, conquer the world even become an awesome entrepreneur that very same day and make your millions in one year or less. And then you fall down hoplessly into a black abyss, your life is a twisted parody of hell. the world exists only to torture you, you have to kill yourself or live this pathetic half life for eternity. And at this point you might be hospitalised, you might succeed in killing yourself either way bipolar is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.:(:drool::clap::unsure::cry::mad::(:mad::unsure::):clap:(y)


Well-known member
Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks

i feel what your talking about xx its a bad thing , my meds have robbed me of my highs now im just low shit to be honest . before i started taking my meds i was like you then now nothing but weight gain and slow life , they have redude my dose to move on to something else prob mind numbing. i would like a high now that sounds bad but after 7 weeks of depression its hard to cope x im always here to talk as i have been through it all with bpd x
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