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The beast within



I havent posted in this section for ages but do you know I'm lost at this minute because No matter whot I do be it spend loads of money go to the gym my spirtual stuff, college whot ever the DEPRESSION just dosent let go.I can get temporay relief but it just dosent go away, at the end of last week I really thought it had gone and I almost wanted to shout and tell the world but it just hit me on sunday might slowly but like a ton of bricks come monday and I've been trying to be so strong for so long with my aim to be normal.I have been trying to let things just go over my head but its there like a beast, this physical thing this week hasnt helped but I can only take from that the positive that its for a reason to slow me down because I've been recklessly trying to overcome the DEPRESSION once again trying to fight it.WHEN WILL I LEARN TO ACCEPT IT?:(


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Apr 4, 2008
I don't know how you ever accept it. I can't, it seems to me to be part of the nature of the illness but maybe thats it whats needed so that we eventually some how get up and fight it.
I'm putting my faith in meds again as it gives me hope of getting better.


I used to be very hard on myself when I was having a bad day.I relate to what you are saying. You have done lots and have felt much better. Well done! I always get terrified when I have a bad day that everything will go backwards but that is not always the case. I hope that you are feeling a bit brighter today. as for the spiritual stuff I found this helpful but again was disappointed in myself when everything wasn't amazing....that didn't mean I was depressed or wasn't going to feel amazing again. ...Take care