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the autumn statement what does it mean for us



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Jan 7, 2008
i'm just curious what the autumn statement will mean for me, the bbc and media disabled don't work for them, we don;t really exist, looked at the guardian, people like me aren't paying guardian readers for the result of goverment changes to be published

Social care no increase, just as well i avoid services though recently i've been going to a mind group and heard local mind is in trouble, i do need benefit support and find advocacy useful as well

The nhs budget frozen my local surgery is struggleing

The welfare budget not been cut heard all about something called universal credit not changing, i'm not on universal credit, haven't yet been changed over, i'm been migrated from dla to pip how is that effected

Insurance tax increase, i've got little insurance only my scooter, i pay extra due to my illllness as it is

Right to buy in social housing i don't see them including sally army housing assoc, i haven't the noney but if i need to move selling off the available housing will limit options


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Oct 15, 2016
I see the move to universal credit as being a way to take back what people are entitled too without it being obvious that they are getting less than they should get.

Everything is designed to reduce what they pay us.