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the anti-problem quote



Jul 4, 2009
Scientists have been unable to determine the cause of schizophrenia.
Since the 1800's it has been documented by the belief of the
control of outside forces and hallucination.
While doctors blindly apply their neuroleptics to our cns,
I wonder, do they even think of what they are doing???
I am user wolf, against mind control.
Mind control is a powerful weapon, capable of penetrating the
skull and stimulating the softbrain tissue.
It has been being used for terror, persecution, and mass murder.
Many have reported:
uncontrollable thoughts
visual and/or audio hallucinations
I am apart of the underground revolutionary force against this
This technology is a weapon, a weapon enabled by the
use of long range electromagnetic radiation and implants.


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Feb 18, 2009
Up North
Sounds like a case for Mulder and Scully to me!

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Jul 4, 2009
the problem

The 1970s marked a spark in public interest into mind control.
With the declassification of MKULTRA by the U.S. government.
The issuing of patent 3951134 "apparatus and method for
remotely altering and monitoring brainwaves"
Several good books on the subject of psycho-electronics
came into being by prominent doctors.

Mind control exists and there is an active conspiracy
randomly attacking innocent targets and civilians.

Schizophrenia at many times is accompanyed by the belief
of the control of outside forces.

You see the brain consists of several billion neurons which "talk"
by means of electrical signals.
When exposed to electromagnetic fields, electrons penetrate the
neurons changing their polarity causing them to rapidly fire
action potentials.
This is where trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) comes from,
a new treatment for depression using MRI strength fields.

Scientists have developed devices for interpreting the brains electrical
impulses via BCIs.

But why not be open minded into such matters as remote mind control
in such technological times???


Hi Wolf - The subject of Mind Control has been discussed on this site at some depth - if you look in the Hearing Voices section of the Forum; there are a number of threads (around 15) where people have discussed these things.

Here are the two threads that I found the most interesting, & that raised the most interesting questions.



This subject cannot help but raise some profound & complex questions.

Although there is some researchable history, & facts, concerning mind control; the truth is that there is very little in the way of verifiable proof as to the extent & use of such devices. I personally do not think that you can divorce this subject from such questions as -

What is the nature of Reality?

To what potential extent; & how long have these Devices been in use? Leading to the question -

What is the actual source of some of this technology? Who or what are the controllers behind the controllers?

Do you have any answers or ideas to these questions?

The people promoting Mind Control as literal fact on the site in the past; have been totally unwilling to explore, discus, contemplate, question, or delve into anything other than the assumption; 'Mind Control' is happening'.


Jul 4, 2009

Thank you for your reply.

voice - to - skull or frey effect induced voices (audio hallucinations)
is only one example of the control of the sensations of a human being.
While into our investigation with project CHITTER we discovered that
many victims have also seen vivid images in their minds,
felt things touch them that aren't there, alterations in the perception
of their body, quick hypnotic induction, control and manipulation
of the dreams, lucid dream states, implanted thoughts, suggestions,
Though through all this they still seem able to contemplate and
control their actions, though they cannot control their sensations.
Mind control is merely "input" it does not change that we are
intelligent beings, capable of comphrehending what we will.
Though some victims have be thrown into such a psychosis
by means of memory erasing and or inhibition, pain, and delusion
that they nolonger "knew" why or why not to do certain things
or control their actions in a certain way.


Yes, interesting thanks - any thoughts on the questions?


Jul 4, 2009
Answers to questions...

I am one who does not believe the government has been responsible
for the destructive or negative mind control.
I don't really know the answers to these questions,
I am just being a strange revolutionary.
I believe psychoelectronics will go far in the next coming years,
there are already pretty neat technologies coming onto the market.
I also believe this will lead to new treatments for schizophrenia,
new technologies for EEG brain training and thought enhancement,
and even brain entertainment.
I am sorry I am so focused on what seems the negative possibilities
of these technologies.
But I believe we deserve better...


Jul 4, 2009

There is evidence the technology has been around since the 1800s.
Because of the strange cirmstustances surrounding schizophrenia,
the strange evidence of reported cases, and the striking amount
of people believing they are under influence, and strange reports,
we believe *something* is going on.
I know that this is working on an assumption,
but this is the reason for a psychotic-advertising campaign.

I have suffered from schizophrenia for six years now,
no treatment has helped.

All the medical community has is pills to administer to us,
with the rise in mental health problems,
and people finding no cure.
The technology exists *now* for theraupudic brain technologies.
Psycho-electronics, brainwave manipulation, and brain training,
are the only answer to *alot* of mental health problems.

Why aren't doctors doing more???
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